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Here is Richard (see below report) in the Theraphi : - like most Theraphi videos- when you play the film - you can FEEL the energy...


I am a 76 year old man that has had major back issues mainly degenerative spine disease and suffer every single day with this. I don't have good days as all days with this issue are inherently terrible. My wife passed in August of 2016, and I had fallen into the bathtub helping her get up from the toilet , she was suffering from bladder cancer which ultimately took her. Prior to the fall mentioned above I was feeling pain consistently but not with the force and intensity I felt after the fall into the bathtub. My Stepson who has been telling me about a new device called the Theraphi had said that this may help me. I was pretty skeptical , I was saying to myself nothing will help me at this point in life. I had back surgery in 2013 and this did not help the issue at all and somehow felt worse only a month or so after. Joseph Michael who had visited the Alchemist Kitchen in New York City with a very close friend from Taiwan and a long time friend of our family George Gergerly, whom he had worked with many years side by side went to New York City just to experience Theraphi first hand . He had found out about Theraphi through Bengt Svesson of the Rosita Family Norway. These special people are global healers and entertain groups of people from all over the world in the practice and teaching of energy work and healing work. Joseph acquired a Theraphi unit and is now giving me regular sessions and I have gone from walking with a walker in the mornings to no walker at all. I do have my bad days , however an absolute turn around in the intensity of pain on a day to day basis . I had my first official pain free days after some 18 sessions with Theraphi and was absolutely amazed I actually started having normal days again as I noticed I was not holding on to railings any longer going up stairs or waking in the morning with excruciating pain in the leg and lower back. Joseph and I spoke with Paul Harris and Dan Winter about this and Paul was so kind he actually called me via Skype and I told him first hand of my experience with Theraphi. Paul and Dan were absolutely elated to hear I was benefiting from Theraphi and told me this was a pretty common theme with this system. Heartfelt thanks goes out to the Theraphi team , Paul Harris and Dan Winter, without their farsightedness I no longer had any hope.

Thank You Both
Richard Correira CT.


- George in Theraphi..(see below)
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My first experience with Theraphi was when one of my long time friends introduced me to this via research he was doing on Dan Winter. He had heard about Dan via the good people from the Rosita Family in Norway who not only have some of the finest fish liver oils in the world but as well are healers in the energies that do very special work globally. Once I knew the Science of this work I immediately understood the principle of Mr. Dan Winters work as I am and have been a student of the energies myself most of my adult life. We arranged a trip to New York City to the Alchemist Kitchen for a trial session with the Theraphi unit in use there. We had a special Guest with us as well from Taiwan who has a healing center in New Taipei City, (Joy Of Light Healing Center). So we were off to NYC. Once we had arrived our guest from Taiwan had told us of her fatigue from the trip as Joseph Micheal had picked her up that morning as she had a very late flight that night and was held up until 2am the morning of the trip. Inga Bylinkina was our gracious host who administers the Theraphi sessions and Meta,- (Miss Shih Ya Lai from Taiwan) was the first to experience the Theraphi. Joseph was next and then I entered the field, Wow! An experience I will never forget. I have a neck issue which my Doctors had informed me to have surgery on a year ago as the issue had become very painful bone on bone in the neck. I immediately experienced a sort of cool wind, like lite sand being blown about your body and then a sense of calmness . I could feel the energy resonating in my hands flowing up and around my entire body . I was in the field for 10 min while Inga was gently providing a peaceful and calming energy of her own to the session. We noticed that the individual giving the session was akin to being as much a part of what felt like a living field the Theraphi was putting out . After the session I felt a dramatic decrease in the pain and an energy renewed body after the 3 hour trip. We had 2 sessions each that day and the stillness and peace that came over me was one of amazement, something I have never experienced ever in my life time. I now have regular sessions with Joseph Michael in CT, and I am virtually pain free since Theraphi is now accessible in Connecticut where I live and I am a very happy camper. Nothing has done what this truly revolutionary unit does . I say this as I need no pain medication any longer and can get through a grueling day as an aerospace owner who is constantly on his feet 6 days a week. Thank you Dan Winter and Paul Harris for your amazing genius and an outstanding work for humanity George Gergerly .. Suffield CT.