Live Blood Cell testing before and after Theraphi Plasma Rejuvenation

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Zeitz Live Blood Cell Microscope- many thanks and acknowledgement to Biodynamic scientists- Laurent. Also thanks to Valerie for introductions, coordination and Theraphist skill.

April 1-2, 2017

Before and after Theraphi Plasma Session (actual Theraphi plasma exposure time 7-8 minutes)

So the before and after blood tests were separated by only 10-20 min.

The obvious and dramatic difference in de-clumping / unpacking the rouleaux - strongly suggests the blood cells 're-inflate'- and become more stand alone.

Blood cells are like people - the ones that are able to stand on their own- have more solubility/ ability to react- thus are stronger.

During this series of trials over 2 days- about 10 persons blood was examined before and after-1 simple Theraphi plasma exposure of 7-8 minutes. All but 2 or 3 did have this kind of rather dramatic effect.

We interviewed- Florence- here just afterward- pointing to the rather dramatic visible change in her blood- asking her what the difference felt like.

She replied that she felt she had had a profound relaxation and peaceful grounding kind of experience in the Theraphi plasma- and she also noted that as often after Theraphi sessions- she was quite aware her VISION was sharper.


We also asked another lady - one of the few whose blood did not show - such a dramatic difference- and she remarked that she had had trouble relaxing in the plasma field- in part she said- because there were other people in the field.
We then realized that with all the enthuasiasm of others present- we had not been able to provide a totally private session to her- ..

This helped us realize later- that those who did have the best results- were in most cases those who were able to really relax and 'open up within' - easier to do- without other persons near the field.

The phenomena of 'relaxing and opening up' is not just a metaphor for entering a charged living plasma field- it appears to be quite literally what the cells do as well!


Theraphi Live Blood Cell Tests Before

After... "relaxed and open blood cells= relaxed and open people..."

as Sally A. Kaiser kindly commented: "acidic blood can cause clumping and loss of white cell function. There are many you tube vids on this.. Clumped in-drawn cells seeking protection from a hostile chemistry in the (blood) plasma simply cannot function correctly!!"


Altho these preliminary trials are again most encouraging, Theraphi team- would caution - that science would still appropriately regard this as anecdotal data- until more systematic tests were done. This work was done with care by professionals-
still it is to be expected - that it takes years of systematic testing to clearly understand new healing technology.
We would comment however that ability to enter a self centered- spin condition- as observed in these blood cells- is precisely what phase conjugate fields would be expected to accomplish - by creating 'restored centripetal force'.

It should also be pointed out that the bio-active and growth effect of SuperImploder from -(used by many Theraphi centers for healing/growth in synergy with Theraphi) is quite parallel: namely de-clustering water molecules to stand alone- enabling solubility/ bio-availability increase- exactly as we have observed here for blood cells. Implosive / centripetal forces enabling spin to 'self center' is related to the core concept of (phase conjugate) NEGENTROPY.