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Theraphi cold plasma rejuvenation system has become somewhat famous. Response and feedback has been overwhelming, and positive - evident from the fact we are now in about 20 countries. We are grateful for that. In parallel, cold plasma treatment - in general- for MANY kinds of health issues- cancer, swelling, infection- has also become medically famous- and the subject of a huge number of reports. This is all useful, appropriate and synergetic to our Theraphi success. We do feel vindicated in the sense that it appears self evident that what enables cold plasma TO BE COLD- is precisely that phase conjugate negentropy produces increased order- which is by definition the opposite of heat. Centripetal charge fields - ARE bioactive- and the opposite of things like swelling and cancer. This is a fundamental (and perhaps new) physics- however it does not replace medical science- it merely adds a very important new piece of the puzzle.

Many have asked if Anoine Priore (see Theraphi antecedents) - knew what phase conjugation (or negentropy) was? AS far as we can tell he did not. This is all the more apparent from the fact that he did not implement the simple fact that phase conjugation always requires exact opposing pairs of plasma/ wave sources.

This also means that we can much more meaningfully locate and use- a 'sweet spot' where the 2 aligned plasma beams meet and 'conjugate'.



Theraphi new V.5 carries a full 1 year warranty - against defects in workmanship or materials. And we are proud to say- we have been very supportive for all our Theraphists - regardless of how many months in use.

Maintenance: Theraphi V.5- thanks to Paul Harris- has virtually eliminated all our maintenance issues. The new super strong aluminum case eliminated our shipping problems. The latest pyrex noble gas plasma tube design with no metal electrode penetrating thru the pyrex- eliminated our noble gas poisoning/decay issue completely. Now the tubes last virtually indefinitely- (we tell people to be careful - but Paul says- the pyrex is so strong you probably use it as a hammer - I personally don't know of any one who has broken one). Gas stability- has been excellent- but we still recommend Paul's advice- 10-20 min max on time ('duty cycle')- then same amount off. This is good for therapy as well. Our most popular exposure duration now- seems to be 9 min. on, 9 mon off, and 9 min. on. For those like our French friends who ignored this advice and left the tubes on for hours- eventually - that did produce only a slight discoloration- in the lit plasma- still useful for therapy. And even then- we offered very reasonable cost plasma recharge. Note- this is generally never necessary if simple duty cycle max time is observed.

People have also asked about the white wires- which are the only high voltage wires. In my experience respecting them- is very much like not touching electric fence. Of course we tell people to be careful. If they should happen to touch a conductor (definite care recommended to avoid this)- the spark resembles electric fence pinprick. In my own unit - once the white wires touched another wire by accident. This caused a little brown spot on the white wire, which would be simple to replace- but we never even bothered to do that- because there was no effect on function.


As we attempt to answer some frequently asked questions- very normal and useful- this is a good time to review some ethics and legalities.

We never pretend to replace or give medical advice. I for example am a reasonably trained electrical engineer- without complete medical training (graduate psychophysiology studies is about as close as I got to that).

We ALWAYS recommend our plasma systems be used in conjunction with persons with medical and healing training. The good news- is that due to our consistent policy of encouraging all our users to develop professional medical collaboration- it is now true that a majority of our international Theraphi centers- do have significant medically trained collaborators/ advisors.

Altho- there are obvious things our science does not know ( what causes an electric field to produce order/life, what causes objects to fall to the ground/get centripetal )- we still must rely on medical science- because we must use the best of the past to build the future.

To those who ask- why have we not gotten FDA medical approvals- we suggest usually those asking that question naively fail to understand that normally takes 4 to 12 years and at least that many million dollars.

We DO however still believe in the usefulness of that process- and luckily have serious investors committed to helping us do that- starting with pain elimination and swelling reduction etc.
(see MD infrared measurements of swelling /pain reduction with Theraphi)

Meantime - it is quite useful and legal for us to offer our helpful plasma device which is generally clearly non-hazardous- with appropriate disclaimers.

I would choose to prefix a short list of FAQ for Theraphi- with review of basics- and a review of counter-indications.

Perfected conjugate (implosive) cold plasma fields in Theraphi are the ESSENCE of charge circulation and charge compression optimized. This is by definition blood and nervous charge circulation optimized (since the most elemental function of blood could well be defined as a media for charge circulation). In practice- this means that frequently we can help areas where circulation or feeling has been reduce (numbness). This is useful. It also generally means metabolic acceleration (as does for example sunshine and exercise - no doctor required) . However- naturally- increased 'inner fire' does mean you need more hydration, you need GROUNDING ( read the book 'Earthing'), and you need detox ( most of this is true about sunshine and exercise as well). Symptoms of the right amount of plasma exposure: - sharpened metabolism, sharpened vision- and often a bit of bliss/ euploria (nice). Symptom of too much : dehyration, feeling ungrounded- - too much 'buzz' - thoughts go too fast - etc.

So - persons with lo metabolism or circulation can often benefit from plasma. However- (and this begins our list of counter-indications) - persons with high heart rate, arrhythmia, or tachacardia- should proceed with caution ( simply start with shorter sessions). It is notable that Dr Kantha from South Africa reported recently (see testimonials) Theraphi she believed was helpful with her heart arrythmia - but we recommend start with caution/short sessions especially for those of light body or sensitive nature. It IS true that the basics of phase conjugation is precisely to produce negentropy- emergence from chaos- which is precisely what the arrythmic hearts needs. But to get to that point- requires delicate relaxation into stillness- to benefit from the centripetal plasma ( increase session times gradually- noting when the benefits peak ).

Why perfecting relaxation is inherent to conjugate cold plasma rejuvenation: It is essentially perfect relaxation which enables the heart to be self regulating- this is part of the deep truly fractal physics of EKG/HRV. The healthy heartbeat (fractal HRV) IS the perfecting of electrical relaxation between beats ( goldenmean.info/holarchy ) - in this way the whispers of the universe of fractality / harmonic inclusiveness (which defines phase conjugation) can enter in the 'still points' between beats ( 'the voice of the divine' - divine meaning perfectly branched-and thus fractal ).

We are clear- NO one with electronic implants ( like pacemakers) should use plasma- because obviously having high voltage fields around the body is risky if you have sensitive electronics IN your body. We actually have had a medical doctor use our plasma helpfully with a pacemaker present- but DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. (even your phone / computer need to be meters away)

For persons with metal (but not electronic implants) like titanium- we recommend proceed slowly (again start with short sessions- check for discomfort). This being said- we do know many who have reportedly been helped who had metal implants. We always say check for heating or discomfort- but actually we have had no reports of issues. - For example in the very first serious Theraphi trials in Belgium- a gentleman who was in serious pain- and could barely walk - from a titanium metal implant in his foot heel- had dramatic pain reduction and was able to walk- after just 1 or 2 Theraphi sessions (notes in testimonials).

Finally- about known counterindications- our teams report that due to over rapid detox into the blood and liver- they strongly suggest no one who has had chemo (for cancer for example) should use Theraphi- for at least 6-12 months after chemo. It is fundamental and important to recognize simply what detox is- and the very well known wholistic approaches to assisting with detox - since plasma negentropy - naturally- accelerates dumping of poisons etc.

== Moving on to some frequently asked questions - for Theraphi....

Question added: July 10, 2019: Dr Mark- asked: "Dan, I have several questions I hope you can help me with: I saw in a Theraphi set up video that you use a standard massage table to support the person while they are in the TheraPhi's energy field.   the massage table has lots of metal in it (clamps, screws, rods, etc.) that will be inside of the effective field (since it is roughly football-shaped between the vaccuum bulbs), and you said that any metal interferes with the field between the plasma bulbs. What has been your experience with the effectiveness using that table as opposed to using an all natural wood table that has had organic glue uses an organic plant-based foam pad?   Also, what if a person has mercury fillings?  And should they also remove dentures since they have metal wires?  If a person has had a joint replacement, how far away from the field "football" should that part of the body be placed? "

A: The nature of cold plasma cloud being negentropic ( and 'self aware') - is that the center of that cloud can recursively implode- like a smoke ring.
This is why so many have reported how the plasma cloud has to be treated like a (tempermental) pet kitten- in order to share its affection , There is some truth to this (and clue to action at a distance )
For example - it is why theraphi practitioners have learned to ask anyone who has anything other than positive attitude to gently leave the room- come back another time because otherwise  the pet kitten (plasma cloud ) won't 'send love' ..
That plasma cloud is weakened by anything (mostly metals) not permissive to charge distribution (called dielectric constant) - exactly like the known medical physics of how to keep critical healing negative ions alive.
However , small amounts of metal seem to have only very slight weakening effect - and so -we commonly are able to help people -even tho a small amount of metal is present.
For example in our first trials in belgium- the guy with severe foot pain had a titanium implant in his foot- actually we helped him dramatically with theraphi -he could walk when he left- not before
(actually titanium is one of the metals more compatible with living charge)

So the general rule of thumb we have suggested is patients remove anything metal or synthetic which is easy to remove- but we proceed without concern -if a few metal items cannot easily be removed (dental implants would be an example )
Yes the dental metal will mean slight dampening of field -but we still often can help such people .
In practice- in early sessions -we always told people who had metal implants to start with short sessions- and check for slight heating or discomfort, but actually no one to my knowledge has had such a problem .
-- It still remains true that we Never want to treat someone with high voltage plasma who has any electronic implant (pacemaker is a no go).
- It is also true (since plasma circulation is a natural circulation / metabolic accelerant) that those with lo heart rate or circulation( also numbness) are often helped , but those with high heart rate- should start with shorter sessions to check for discomfort.
Our massage table ( or chair) is mostly wood - but has very small parts- which we tolerate but of course - still the less metal the better , but again- small amounts of metal dont seem to prevent function.
-- An example of a big chunk of metal - which can be a problem is the metal Theraphi amp itself - that must be at least 3-4 feet if possible from the plasma tubes and white wires and coil box (given the wire length limitation)
If that is too close- we know it builds up heat and static charge (also weakens the healing plasma) . Really hope this is helpful , Dan W.

Earlier questions- (we thank Benito- for kindly offering the following helpful questions)

1) Does it interfere with the treatment if people have eaten before?

A: It is obvious the body is better able to process external charge into increased order- better if the stomach is not full. This rather reminds me of the Sufi teacher who said come to the Lord as you would to a lover.. prepared to RELAX.
And we do have clear reports that eating a heavy meal afterwards is very bad. Like any cleansing process- light and healthy food after is great of course.

2) Embarrassed women?

A: We do know - from the live blood cell trials- several of the minority who did NOT get the beautiful and frequent de-clumping benefit- were those who reported being UNable to relax completely. So - finding a way to get the patient feeling TOTALLY SAFE and able to relax is essential.

This being said- we also know the body can absorb charge best if clothing is very minimal and very light ( and natural). A major percentage of women report a bliss experience in Theraphi- as well as many who report sharpened vision. ALL of this depends on feeling safe enough to relax completely. Also - in Barcelona studies- Theraphi was documented successful in getting psychotherapy patients able to access deep trauma/ issues faster! Again- however this ALL depends on the therapist taking all the steps to get the patient feeling safe and relaxed.

3) Is there any medication that someone is taking that avoids using the machine?

A: Again this a question for medical consulting. Medical people generally now do know what cold plasma treatment is. In general if there are issues of heart regulation - we recommend caution. Fortuneately simply accelerating metabolism and circulation and centripetal force ( like sunshine for example generally does)- does not always require checking with a doctor. But if your patient has any life threatening issue- or complex medications- we recommend only proceeding with advice from medical professionals.

4) What were the signs that happened to you in treatment?

A: If you are asking me.. I had a lifetime of overactive Kundalini - which is probably how I figured out how to make an electric field inside the body which is Kundalini like. ('Come on baby, light my fire!') - The good thing is - we can create a buzz. The bad thing is we can create TOO much buzz. There is such a thing as too much Kundalini (burnout etc - stresses the mineral to water bonds in metabolism and more..). There is such a thing as too much sacred space- there is even a scientific term for this Hormesis (adaptive stress reponse): in short a little bit can stimulate nicely- too much can be bad news. There is such a thing as too much Theraphi ( symptoms: dehydration, over stimulated mentation, ungrounded feeling, too much detox too fast, etc.) . So for me- having to deal with constant over buzzed metabolism etc. a little bit of Theraphi is great- but longer term- is naturally too much. I do get the sharpening of vision- often. Thoughts and metabolism - speed up. I have watched medical doctors- report pain removed from their own wound- but I have never had that experience. (Maybe I am too unwounded). I built Theraphi to help others get to peak experience. For me- I have much of that going on already- I already knew that grounding is important for peak experience. I did not invent Theraphi ( with major help from Paul Harris) for me.. we did it to help those especially who had not yet found their own way to peak experience / charge implosion.

5) What is the maximum frequency that a treatment can be taken? That is, every day three times a week?

A: Generally plasma exposure sessions are perhaps 7 to 15 minutes. Typically best once or perhaps twice maximum per day. Leaving time for hydration, grounding, rest, exercise (and detox) between sessions. Things like localized pain- or circulation issue - we can often help in just couple sessions. Most long term or chronic issues - take perhaps 5 to 15 sessions over 1 to 3 weeks is typical. Localized pain- we seem to have reports of frequent success- versus with chronic or long term pain- altho we cannot help everyone- clearly the anecdotal reports of success are frequent enough to make this very worth the experiment.

6) Does a person who has plaster because of a fracture help or can he take treatment?

A: Plaster being non- metalic ( reasonably good dielectric constant / capacitance lensing) is possibly even useful to help distribute the charge. What would not be helpful- to distributing plasma charge around a wound etc. - would be most anything metal surrounding the problem. Of course- ALL life force- is best with as little covering as possible- given the need to be absolutely comfortable in order to relax. (light cotton or hemp cloth / blanket is fine if needed, really try to avoid synthetics / polyester )

7) Is there an age limit for the machine? For example, a baby?

A: Claire in South Africa- reported frequent ability to help children with anxiety. And Chris in South Africa- reported in some detail about using Theraphi- very helpfully to relax during childbirth. But of course these reports are anecdotal and preliminary. Claire for example (and our Oregon center) talk about starting with rather short sessions with 'small' people. They were very careful to check they are happy and comfortable. I would hesitate to treat a baby myself- for one thing- because it is harder to be sure they are comfortable. At least a child can tell you. You can talk to Claire in South Africa about Theraphi with children. She uses it playfully and finds they often love it- but never pushes it unless they like it. Again- however- with babies I would be VERY cautious- again - medical advice recommended (something we cannot give).

8) What effects can be expected in children with down syndrome or autism or asper syndrome

A: See above- Claire and others (our Oregon partners) have given us multiple reports of helping autistic like symtoms- facilitating relaxation to reduce anxiety. (Start with short sessions) .This is encouraging - but remember - this is an early stage of testing- and we recommend working with professionals.

9) If someone has just been operated on, they can deal with theraphi immediately or wait some time. This with the idea of accelerating the healing process.

A: The theory (and even the measurements- see PA. center)- do confirm - plasma can help swelling / accelerate regeneration. There are now even many medical reports of cold plasma being helpful is so many situations. So - in theory there may be no reason plasma could not be used soon after surgery (regeneration/ pain and swelling relief) - but still - I would recommend working with medically trained persons- in any serious situation. Minor wounds we do know for sure- our plasma is so often helpful. However if a wound is serious with a fragile surface where stitches for example are holding a delicate tissue together- accelerating circulation in the area- could be helpful- but could also be too much. Again- this is why if the situation is serious or life threatening - there probably is no substitute for professional advice. Lacking professional advice- I would guess it is unlikely a short trial session would be problemmatic- long enough to get a sense if this is helping- since even simple short term localized pain relief- can be useful to healing.


More questions from Benito


1.If someone is healthy and just wants to do the therapy of the theraphi to stay healthy and continue to have a good , active life. Witch would be the protocol of their therapy?

A: probably 5-10 min a day for 3-6 days - while taking care of hydration and detox issues- then wait and compare response- frequently a bit of tiredness after first sessions- then later feeling quite strong- as report our athlete users in Africa for example (Claire)

*How many times a day should they do it? And for how long should they be “inside” the therapi?

A: Once or twice a day is probably max.

*Should the time “inside” the theraphi go increasing with every session? If yes, why? And if not, why not?

A: we suggest starting with about 6 to 10 min. sessions- then increase to not over 15-20 min. sessions after being sure there is no discomfort.

Alternatively Paul has reported success doing 8 or 10 min. tubes on- then off - then on for similar time..- this way the short rest - quiet- 'back to still point' - between plasma exposure can increase the sustainable effect.

*How much time should we increase from session to session ?

A: - Yes if you start with sessions under 10 minutes- after the first day or 2- depending on response ( check for tiredness- dehydration- feeling ungrounded) - then increase gradually to 15 min- or so- in some cases- experienced users do 20 min. sessions.

*How much time should there be in between session taken the same day?

A: Perhaps morning then afternoon - etc - at least perhaps 3-4 hours- time enough to rest - hydrate- ground - exercise... swimming is particularly good.

*Witch is the maximum time a session can last?

A; suggest 15 to 20 min. max

*Once you get to the maximum of time you can get in a session, how often should you take it?

A; Once or perhaps twice a day-

2.Now, people with an specific discomfort (back pain, knee pain, cysts , organ malfunction, kidney stones , etc…)

*How many times a day should they do it? And for how long should they be “inside” the therapi?

similar times mentioned above- about 15 min. to max of 20 min.-
for localized problems- often we put the tubes on the sides of the body- instead of head to foot- but tubes not closer than about 7-10 inches from the body.

3. In the case of someone with cancer

*Witch is the protocol you recommend?

Sinilar to above- recommend medical professionals be checking on patient.. most of our cancer benefits took week or 2 of daily sessions to see results..

*Is it recommendable to tell patients with cancer to take the therapi before they start with quimio?

Several of our very experienced Theraphists have strongly recommended- do NOT use Theraphi for 6-12 months after doing chemo- because the release of detox into the blood and liver is too fast.

5. Witch precautions should the Person applying the therapy take?
*Should they wear a specific garment?

see our instructions page- very light clothing- the lighter the better- or little clothing if comfortable - no synthetics- no metal where feasible (tiny metalic buttons or zipper ok if not easily removed)

* Should they be inside the room where the therapy is applied? Or should the patient be left alone in the room?

Recommend the Theraphis spend a few moments directing the energy plasma- assisting with directed intent - then step away (avoiding dehydration- from too much )

6. Can pregnant women take the theraphi? And to mothers who are breastfeading?

We did have one very good report on this from Africa- aid in relaxing and de stressing- BUT this is new and experimental- so start with short sessions- proceed only gently - watching for discomfort.

7. Witch has been your experience with patients who have lupus?

No reports yet- could be useful experiment. We generally hypothesize plasma is helpful to charge the immune system- so we have helped many issues- including serious anecdotal reports of help with lymes, even alzheimers- but remember this is experimental- so proceed with caution -start slowly- we do not make medical claims- and recommend proper medical advice.



Questions from Priscilla


  1. You told me to keep the amplifier away from the Black Box, White Wire and Plasma tubes. But how far away respectively?

Amp box should be at least about 4 to 5 feet or more from the high voltage - which is the black coil box, white wires and tubes- or it will build static charge.

  1. If the Black Box is only 3 inches away from the bed I am lying, is it ok

The black coil box has a strong magnetic field- whose frequencies have been proven (Eliz Rauscher) useful for pain reduction. So keeping the black coil box not too far from the patient is generally useful- tho the black coil box does have corona- so not too close- perhaps 10 inches or so min. Remember if to keep the corona- the coil black box should be away from other metal- and put on the floor only if no metal- if the floor has metal- or is concrete with metal rebar- then sit it up on an insulator box or wood table about a foot or so up.

  1. if I do the Theraphi for 15 mins, twice a day.  The minimum interval time is how long?

Probably at least 3-4 hours between sessions- time to detox, ground, hydrate ( swim? is good)

  1. if synthetic fabrics not recommended. What if my mattress has some latex  material? This is what I can find mostly in shops

Some latex fine- try to avoid metal springs- avoid any metal if possible ( altho gold would be fine)

  1. 50-55 volts of the plasma tubes is recommended. However, I cannot grasp the exact brightness level, what shall I do?

The new units input voltage is automatic- older units adjust to max of 50 to 55 v. - in all cases then tune for max brightness ( in older units only - not v.5- there is in addition to large tuning dial- a smaller screw for coarse vs fine tuning)

  1. if I focus on the neck part, will it be ok because the plasma tubes are so near to my face?

Probably best tubes not closer than 7- 10 inches from skin- watch for tireness and dehydration.

  1. if in future when I get used to it, could I do it 30 mins once per day? When I visited Marcio Clinic he did the Theraphi for 30 mins for me and I was feeling fine.

generally we recommend max 15-20 min sessions- but once you are accustomed and sure of comfort- a bit longer is ok- altho the tubes themselves are designed to have cool-down every 20 min or so

Is there any preset timer in the amphifier?

Paul is just designing timer options.. more soon

During Theraphi time, could i close the Black Box cover?

Yes - black coil box cover should be closed

After finishing the Theraphi session, I just turn the Tuner anti-clockwise back to the still point before I turn to the Standby Mode, right?

Yes -detuning gradually -before switch off- is useful- so the bulb dims very slowly is nicer- to help patient visualize going to still point- remembering some of the most useful time- is the still moments right afterward- remember to encourage complete relaxation.


Questions from Dr Nadia:

- We should begin with sessions of 5-10 min and gradually extend them to 15-20 (max) min per day (in cancer patient it might be twice/day) at least during 2 weeks in order to get the therapeutic effect (the pain relieve should appear quicker - just after few sessions).

5 to 15 or so - about daily sessions- is often useful for long term or chronic issues.. yes

thats right about duration...

- Are there side effects of theraphi, contraindications. The feeling of exhaustion after the first few sessions is normal and is related to the very strong detoxification and dehydration. That why, it is really important to drink a lot of water (with lemon) and to take shower, and to be grounded (the information about the grounding should be find in the book « Earthing »). Theraphi accelerates the metabolism, and the sliming effect after sessions is a good sign. It might accelerate the secretion of all endocrine glands which work too slowly.

we said more about precautions above - watch for tiredness- metabolic increase (start with shorter sessions - if person is light or sensitive or has heart rate high/ tachycardia- since this can increase metabolism) . Also note above- strongly recommend do not use Theraphi after chemo-therapy.

it is common for a bit of tiredness after the first couple sessions- during detox and hydration ..
after that generally people report feeling considerably stronger- actually the athletes in s.africa consistently reported
stronger performance after few days of sessions...

yes- theraphi accelerates metabolism generally- time for detox, re hydration, grounding  between sessions important

where lack of circulation or feeling or numbness exists theraphi is often helpful..

if there is too much metabolism- or high heart rate-  or persons of lighter size- or high sensitivity- then start with shorter sessions-
til you can be sure there is comfort...

yes we recommend the book
especially to Theraphi users

- We can put the tubes close to the body; The best position is foot/head as the whole body receives emissions, but in the case of the local problem, two tubes might be placed locally.
lying down with tubes at foot and heat is most often used- for bliss/euphoria / relaxation etc.

tubes at sides or sitting- for closer work for localized problems

tubes should probably not be closer than about 7 to 10 inches from the body

- The color of the light is not important, just need to see the enlightenment of plasma.

slight color changes are normal - as the noble gasses stabilizes- what is important is that they do optically ignite- glow

- The copper tubes should not be covered, as they create the « crown » around them, which has an important action.
yes the white wires and copper tubes- have high static voltage part of useful corona- important they touch nothing - or only glass


New questions from Priscilla- Oct 2, 2018

"Hi Dan

Just now I have just done 15mins on the knees, it is GREAT!

  1. Is it ok if I tune the plasma tubes for the max brightness during the treatment? (in fact I really don't know whether I can reach that level)

    A: generally tuning for max brightness is recommended- unless the patient prefers gentler feeling to start...

  2. you said "the bulb dims very slowly is nicer to help patient visualize going to still point-remembering some of the most useful time-is the still moments right afterward"  In my case, I am the one to turn off the Theraphi so I will not benefit from this scenario, right? However, if theraphist is doing it on patient, how long the patient should stay on the bed to reap this benefit?

    A: yes - gently de-tuning gradually at shut down- creates a nice visualization of coming to still point for the patient- - and generally having the patient simply lie still continuing to relax a few minutes after is very useful- in some cases- even 10 min. if the patient seems peaceful. - clearly the stillness just after plasma exposure can be a great time to re-center- if the patient is ok with that. (yes it is a bit trickier to benefit from that stillness if you are the operator and the patient- needing to move to switch it off- just recognize how breathing toward a still point- is almost always useful..

  3. Is it a must to take a shower after each session?

    A: Shower or swimming or washing- any water contact is always good for grounding- for the patient (and especially for a Theraphi operator frequently in the field.

  4. in the faq page, you told Dr. Nadia "the copper tubes should not be covered, as they create the (crown) around them. Do you mean the copper tubes on the plasma?

    The copper tubes and the pyrex bulbs and the big black coil box- all have CORONA- a charge aura- which is important to the healing charge field- so covering them is generally not good- because it could bleed that Corona. However - if there is concern that the copper tubes or white wires- might get accidently touched- (would feel like touching an electric fence generally)- then perhaps thin plastic or wood covering -set far enough from them- could be ok...- generally covering the end of the plasma tube pointing at the patient - would not be appropriate. Some have however very nicely made a bit of insulator box cover- to prevent touching the BACK of those tubes where the copper is- as long as that cover is set away from the electrical parts- at least perhaps 6-8 inches perhaps.


Update Mar 1, 2019

Questions from Maira in Greece (in italics

1. We watched the "Theraphi Unboxing and set up" video on youtube, and we noticed that the big black box, was put underneath the therapy bed, can it just be on the floor? Or should it be on a specific surface?

black box (coil) should be no farther from the patient than needed- since it's field is very useful
-but- the corona around it will bleed (weaking the plasma
if it is near too much much
meaning for example- if the floor has much metal in it - like rebar in concrete
then put it up on a wood or insulator box perhaps a foot at least

2. I remember you told me that is better to not use synthetic or acrylic tissue on the theraphi field, could the fact of having non cotton curtains in the room be a problem for the field? We want it to be at its best, so if cotton curtains are better, we will change them. Also, what about a small synthetic carpet on the floor?

the overall effect will be better if items in the room are bio (non metal - and non synthetic- meaning hi dielectric
particular for large items  like curtains-  -  

3. Is it ok the use of air condition (hot or cold) in the Theraphi room? ( We have already ordered the small fans to be placed next to the tubes to avoid overheating, as suggested in the Theraphi Unboxing video on youtube)

use fans only when necessary -if tubes feel quite warm / hot
use air conditioning only if essential (since both can deplete air capacitance significantly

4. And last one, is the position of the Theraphi important? I noticed that Christine in Perpignan, France uses a chair and places Theraphi on the sides, Nathalie from Gent uses a bed and places theraphi on the head and toes. Is a position better than the  other in your opinion? We were thinking of using a chair and placing the Theraphi on the sides but we are having doubts as from what I see on most videos almost everyone uses a bed.

A (non-metalilic) chair with tubes on the sides is good for specific issues around belly- or anywhere when the localized issue would be closer to the tubes - then in lying flat on bed

The bed is better for total relaxation / bliss / whole body issues.. etc

often clients will have a preference

both  are useful

bed or chair - best be wood / organic / non-conductive


Update- Nov 2020: Nathalie- asked: Please summarize the contra-indications for Theraphi?

A: Remembering as above- that altho cold plasma therapies - are by now famous and popular- in conventional medicine - Theraphi - along with many plasma approaches- is still experimental- and importantly we cannot give medical advice-
all we can do is repeat anecdotal reports. That being said- it is appropriate to mention what appears to be widely agreed plasma Theraphists:

- Belgium professionals concluded- Theraphi should NOT be used- within 6-12 months of chemotherapy- because they believe the rate of detox back into the body triggered by plasma is too much (for the liver etc).

- Because of proximity of high voltage ( like an electric fence in some ways) - Theraphi should never be used for those who have electronics / pacemakers implanted in their body.

->The below conditions do not preclude the use of Theraphi -plasma- but suggest start with shorter sessions- checking carefully for discomfort: ( as always we recommend checking with medical professionals)

- if there is high blood pressure or high heart rate or known heart arhythmia ( vs. for low heart rate or circulation- Theraphi is often helpful).

- if there is in the body - implanted metal (like titanium) - we know we have still been able to help many in this situation- but still recommend starting more gently to check for heating or discomfort. Altho - we apparently have no known reports of problems.

- - of course if there are significant medications being taken- again we recommend getting professional advice
( in general- Theraphi plasma would tend to increase metabolism/ circulation / sometimes heart rate- which may be useful in many situations - but clearly not all).

-- if the body is detoxing from any stress or medical issue ( we always emphasize- Theraphi advisors must know how to recognize and help deal with well known issues of detox in progress.. knowledge of detox practices -like liver detox etc.- is essential).

-- and of course- rehydrate / and ground afterwards- is always important. -

Theraphi plasma charges best when on- with no air moving- but the charge uses the environment to implode- meaning it is critical to have fresh air- before and after.