Announcing new QUANTAPHI!

Flexible/ Programmable - Healing Sound - audiophile quality- with Plasma

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Taking Sound Healing Technology - to a Whole New Level

The Quantaphi is a High Fidelity sound system that utilizes Tesla technology and Plasma to create longitudinal waves to fill your personal space with what Tesla called Radiant Energy.

Quantaphi now shipping in 3-4 weeks-

Quantaphi - for special intro offer, to order / info and support, contact - Dan Winter: - or call 310 651 8123

Quantaphi systems are shipped with a set of 2 tubes, - or a reasonable option to add 2 more (4 tube array can be powered by the amp)

Great new instructions for driving the precise flameinsound implosion sound harmonics into QUANTAPHI - see>

We also provide direct support- for one of the most powerful features of Quantaphi:
Input the worlds most powerful PHASE CONJUGATE NEGENTROPIC IMPLOSION AUDIO HETERODYNES- (from Dan Winter) to Quantaphi->
using the powerful FLAMEINSOUND- AUDIO > available with - or inexpensively (about $20) with app (inexpensive/easy without the brainwave option)
Audio modulation inputs for amazing effects can be done from most any device that would operate earphones - but the special phase conjugate powerful frequencies do require IOS /iphone/ipad to generate

Click to view new Audio Heterodynces - MANUAL ( html version / pdf version here / pptx verssion here) to DRIVE PLASMAPHIRE / QUANTAPHI / PHIVIBES

Note this audio drivers manual for QUANTAPHI- is also used to drive the new - Plasma Ball system from Patrick Botte and Dan Winter

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Feel the Vibes

Your body is a non-linear dielectric medium which absorbs these waves.

Many Configurations

Two Solid State Tesla Coils

Using cutting edge technology that Tesla could have only dreamed of, the Quataphi comes with two high frequency coils so they can be driven in stereo!

Two Plasma Tubes

Each Tesla coil is capable of driving several plasma tubes as well as being able to act as two independent channels. Two Plasma tubes are included with the system and additional ones may be added any time.

Wide Range of Inputs

The Brain of the system is a Hi Fidelity Class-D amplifier with a wide range of inputs. 

  • Aux RCA Jacks
  • Aux BNC Jacks
  • Aux 1/8” Jack
  • SD Card
  • USB Drive
  • Bluetooth
  • audio modulation inputs for amazing effects can be done from most any device that would operate earphones - but the special phase conjugate powerful frequencies do require IOS /iphone/ipad to generate

Choose Your Healing Sound

Playable Formats Include

  • MP3
  • WAV
  • FLAC
  • APE
  • Bluetooth

Create the Field

Play any of your favourite music through the Hi Fidelity amplifier while activating the plasma at the same time with the Tesla coils. This creates an electrostatic field in the proximity of your sound system.

Hear the Difference

Many audiophiles claim the coils and plasma producing this field increases the quality of the listening experience. 

Frequency Generators

The Tesla coils  are capable of creating a large field effect as well being gentle enough for direct contact. Contact type frequency generators date back to the late 1800's. The healing properties of electricity gained popularity in the early 1900's and fell out of favour when a few charlatans began marketing bogus devices with extraordinary claims.

This caused regulating bodies to be formed and they made a fail swoop and cracked down on almost all electrotherapy type devices. After Royal Raymond Rife there was quiet era in this field and it wasn't  to gain popularity again until the 90's when the amazing story of Rife was slowly pieced together.

Today frequency based devices have made a huge comeback and there are hundreds of them on the market.

The auxiliary inputs on the Quantaphi allow for several of these devices to safely connect to the Tesla coils and Plasma tubes. Auxiliary RCA, BNC and 1/8 inch headphone type jacks allow you to connect your computer, cell phone or tablet for software based frequency generators, function generators and combo systems like the Spooky2 can also be easily connected via the BNC connection.

More info on Quantaphi >


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