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Theraphi -Jan 2017 Newsletter- Updates Summary:

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Update: Jan 27, 2017




"Our first session we both felt our eye sight get more acute, piercing actually."

Re: Theraphi™ "The Theraphi Device"
Fri, 27 Jan 2017 04:57:27
From: Kevin and Steel Cherry
Good morning Dan,
Well we couldn't wait till February, my Wife and I hopped in the car Tuesday morning to Garberville to meet Eddy. We received 6 treatments in all, Tues afternoon and Wednesday.
Eddy was so gracious and accommodating, his therapy room was shear magic, he asked if I would share a photo of his area (attached). Eddy is as big a fan of your videos and writing as I am, we had long conversations on your work and information.
How to explain, absolutely amazing, calming, restructuring and yes blissful. Our first session we both felt our eye sight get more acute, piercing actually. I could actually feel the waves pulsating through my head, very interesting.

The second day of treatments we both felt our core or organs being energized. Something I haven't seen from other comments is our lungs or ease of breath. We don't smoke but the ease of breath is so noticeable, smooth. I could feel the sensation in my sinuses as well and center of my head. Completely healed from joint pain, neck pain, back pain. I worked all day today with so much energy and clarity.
I have a few questions, on the drive 1/2 way home we both got a lovely blast of scent of Eddy's therapy room, lasted for about a minute then left as fast as it came. I texted him later that night to ask him if he generated that and he said no, said the presence of the plasma field giving us safe passage.
We also did a 10 minute meditation with the device running for a horse with a large tumor on it's mouth, Eddy just sent me a photo, the tumor came off today, just beautiful. Is this process direct-able? 
My Wife is from Thailand and a devout Buddhist, she wanted to know if there has been any monks to receive and comment on the treatment. My Wife says it's the same blissful feeling as meditating in her favorite temple.

Dan I can't thank you enough for your work, I am approaching a few friends and colleagues to go in on a device for down here, once I get them up to Eddy's I think I can get it done.
All the best, Kevin
Kevin Cherry
Steel Cherry

Thanks! to Kevin and Steel Cherry. Comment- regarding the remote treatment - still experimental of course- but it is well known that the longitudinal EMF generated by phase conjugate theraphi- is able to do remote plasma containment/action at a distance. Directing this clearly requires shamanic skill and coherence- Our Norway center - link on home page- (also Belgium center) for Theraphi- have reported relatively frequent beneficial effects- using well planned- remote treatment protocols for Theraphi. The article about remote conjugate plasma science and Theraphi - at

Regarding:"Our first session we both felt our EYE SIGHT GET MORE ACUTE, piercing actually."
We have very frequent reports of improved vision with Theraphi- we have pointed out:
- How the phase conjugate wave mechanic of theraphi sharpens perception:
- How we implement that measureable brainwave entraining precise conjugate power spectra of Theraphi into empowering brainwave biofeedback:
We have noted also that Theraphi - conjugate (caducceus) power spectra entrained in hrv /craniosacral -biofeedback (harmonic inclusiveness= phase conjugation= HRV definition of immune health):
Theraphi is well known to our sacro cranial experts ( ) to measureably generate the healing sacral cranial pump (conjugate) STILL POINT.


Theraphi team would especially like to thank Jason Kryzak and family- Andrew and mother Cindy (see below), and William Mieger- for their kind Theraphi feedback- as well as of course Eddy Sharpless!

Update Jan 20,2017 from Andrew K.

Hi Dan, I recently had the privilege of of visiting Eddy Sharpless's healing sanctuary in Garberville, Ca.  The Theraphi is absolutely amazing. I want to thank you for your work. It has truly impacted my life in a most amazing way. I'm now officially addicted to the youtube videos you publish. I've probably watched about 5 hours in the last two days. Fascinating stuff!

This is a basic overview of my experience of the trip to Eddy's place/theraphi. I'll be writing a more scientific report in a few more days. I can still feel changes taking place and want them to settle in for maximum accuracy. Let's just say, it's spectacular! Perhaps I'll have the honor of meeting you one day. Thank you! Andrew

My Experience with Theraphi/Garberville Sanctuary: I’d like to tell about my experience with a device called Theraphi. My brother told me about a special therapy light one of his clients had deemed the “God light.”    Naturally, I was intrigued, but I’m quite scientific and pragmatic so I was skeptical.  He was going to be taking my mom for some sessions after a gracious offering from a man named Eddy.  I asked if I could tag along to see what it was all about and he said yes.  

When we arrived after a gorgeous 4 hour drive through groves of giant redwood trees and awe inspiring northern California coastline we met Eddy at his sanctuary.  Immediately I could feel his kind, loving and generous spirit.  He showed us the healing room in which the Theraphi (ie. “God light”) resides.  The room is stunning with all kinds of amazing crystals (some probably weighing over 20 pounds). Essential oils wafted through the air and peaceful music played.  I could sense this place was legitimate.  My mom went first while my brother and I talked to a wonderful man named Bengt who lives on the property.  Bengt is truly inspirational and you’re in for a treat if you have the privilege of meeting him.  My mom came out from the session glowing with a new radiance.  Obviously I was excited to go next.  

I entered the room and could feel the afterglow of the healing light. Eddy gave me a vial of high quality trace minerals and some charged/structured water.  I could literally feel the minerals and charged water entering my system.  It was like a cup of coffee without the jitters.   I got on the table and he turned on the lights.  Immediately I could feel an intensely soothing energy flowing all throughout my body.  It felt blissful.  I spontaneously started taking deep relaxing breaths.  At certain points I felt the urge to wiggle and stretch and I could feel links of my spine clicking back into alignment.  It was quite spectacular.

After the session he told me to drink lots of the charged water and go barefoot on the earth to get grounded.  I did exactly as he said and felt amazing.  A sense of peace and serenity seemed to be everywhere.  It’s like I could feel the essence of the large redwood tree growing right next to the healing room.  Now I knew this was legitimate.   He warned me there could be some turbulence due to the detoxing nature of the lights.  I was ready for battle but had few reactions. Some weird dreams was about it.  The next morning I woke feeling more alive than I can remember.  I felt happy knowing I had another session coming today.  

Again I got to chat with Bengt while my mom and brother received treatments which was delightful.   The second session was every bit as good as the first.  Once more I felt a sense of peace and bliss.  I was literally supercharged while still retaining deep groundedness.  I have not been able to achieve this state ever before in my  life.  Another checkmark this actually works.
Again I drank lots of charged water and did barefoot grounding.  I felt so connected to the redwood tree I literally went up and hugged it.  

That night my urine became somewhat yellow (which is odd for me) and was very foamy.  I knew something was happening.  I asked Eddy about this and he said it was due to the lymphatic system detoxing.  That’s interesting because I recently visited a holistic doctor who told me my lymph system was quite plugged.  It’s as if the lights target the exact issue you’re dealing with. Apart from the yellowish/foamy urine, I felt terrific other than a few strange dreams.

Overall the experience was magical.  When I got home I immediately had the urge to completely clean and reorganize my house.  My health feels tremendously  improved.  I have a new sense of life.  It was quite the experience.  
I want to thank Eddy and Bengt for having us.  I would love to come back and volunteer on the property.  Wishing everyone happiness, health and vitality… Andrew    


Update Jan 22, 2017 - from Cindy Kryzak (mother of Jason and Andrew)

When I accompanied my two sons to Garberville, CA, to receive a series of Theraphi treatments over a winter weekend this year, I had no idea what to expect, but was open to any level of healing that might result. I was specifically interested in resolving the Bell's Palsy affecting the right side of my face for over two months...or to at least find some degree of improvement.

Eddy Sharpless greeted us on our arrival and, after helping us get settled, immediately began the sessions in his beautifully appointed treatment room. I was the first to enjoy a time with this unusual, innovative "light," and found the experience to be warm, soothing and the entire process effortless.  I was given a total of four treatments during our time there.

All too soon we were journeying through majestic redwood forests, heading home. I resumed my usual busy schedule the following day. My first surprise in the aftermath of the Theraphi treatments came as I filed paperwork at my son and daughter-in-law's healthcare clinic. I suddenly realized I was not using the flashlight on my phone to better view the files, as was my usual practice. I was able to see perfectly well without the added light! Remarkable to say the least. I also noticed an overall increase in visual acuity as the days went by....a welcome change.

Another surprise benefit that began after my treatments was my lack of need for medication to open my nasal passages. For years I have been dependent on nasal spray to maintain comfortable breathing and now, I am totally free from any need. Again, a remarkable, unexpected result following the treatments.

I've saved the most important outcome of the Theraphi sessions for the end of this testimonial. On the second day back from Eddy's center, I began to feel sensation and the ability to move the facial muscles on the affected side of my face! There is still a long way to go to totally restore normal movement, but there is no doubt the change is taking place. I am thrilled....

I am grateful to Dan Winter and Paul Harris- for innovating Priore's Plasma Healing Device, and send a special thank you to Eddy Sharpless for his gracious hospitality. I hope to return soon for more Theraphi healing treatments....
Sincerely, Cindy K


Jan 17, 2017 - from Jason Kryzak of
Hello Dan,

I'm happy to say I just returned from a three day experience of the Theraphi with Eddy.  What a powerful and absolutely pronominal experience!  It far exceeded my expectations and even moved into the realms of the mystical.  Eddy was absolutely accommodating and full of love for all of us.  His hosting of our visit was professional, caring and full of peace.  We truly felt like part of the family through his warmth and the warmth of his staff.    

Day one 1-14-17 Session One ~

Entering the treatment room was the beginning of the treatment as Eddy had the space so well charged and full of life.  A lovely aroma of citronella wafted through the space and the lighting was perfect.  As a 17 year veteran practitioner and teacher of the healing arts I must say I was impressed by the rich healing energy and appearance of the space.  He spoke to each of us briefly and describing the protocol and Theraphi unit.  

After drinking a good amount of charged water I got on the table for my first session and could feel the plasma charge from the previous sessions holding me like a warm cocoon.  As he turned on the unit I felt the energy quickly move over the body.  Very pleasant. 

Almost immediately to my surprise I could feel a slight ache in all the places of trauma through out the body.  This was a therapeutic ache and very helpful to me, for I have never had such quick and accurate feedback on how much dysfunction was being overlooked.  The sensation was quite tolerable and felt like each spot of trauma was being loved back to health.  There was simply a knowing that this was perfect love in action. 

I got off the table after several minutes of heaven, drank more water and went to relax.  I experienced about ten minutes of detox which was unpleasant but quickly settled into a blissful feeling of flow and clarity.  The body felt rested and well.  I felt gratitude for Eddy and his gift to the west coast.  I felt gratitude for the invention of the Theraphi.   The head and neck felt a bit of an ache which was also clearly a healing ache.  My neck has been an issue for many years and I could feel the trauma being sorted out very quickly. 

That night I slept like a baby with the exception of some rather intense dreams which I took to be a beautiful emotional detoxification.    

Day two 1-15-17 Session two ~

Upon getting on the table, the flow of the Theraphi felt more intense this time but the trauma points in the body were 50% reduced overall and the ache in each point was much more even as if the energy plasma was removing the blocked chi in each spot.  This time I began feeling the plasma delving much deeper into the subtle body.  I felt it pouring through the pranic channels and even into the chakras.  This was felt as intense yet pleasant tingling sensations through the body mostly felt in the legs, coccyx and spine.   I actually began feeling the flow of prana in the system being cleansed and purified as if flowing through a subtle vascular network.   As a Reiki master teacher having received hundreds of healing sessions over many years this is the first time anything has given me such detail of the energetic flow through the Nadis and other subtle channels.   A true gift. 

I talked Eddy into giving me a longer session which we maxed out at 12 min at my fervent request.  This was perfect time and left me feeling a state of gratitude, and physical joy in the whole body.  I was floating, and felt like hugging everyone.  I felt my very consciousness changing being elevated and purified. 

Let me be clear, I have been to the ends of the world in search of awakening.  I have traveled to the feet of many great masters, I have trekked through the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan meeting the great Sages of our age and almost passing of altitude sickness, I have walked through the heart of hell and back seeking what the Theraphi was able to do in the first two sessions!  I looked into my own eyes and saw a clarity I hadn't seen in years. 

From my experience, it would take one at least a week in deep retreat doing strenuous yoga and meditation with a master teacher to receive what I obtained in two session lasting min each.  This is not an aggregation, this is fact based on my own experience with Eddy and the Theraphi.   

Day two 1-15-17 Session three ~

overwhelmed with peace and love from yesterday's treatments, I eased into the plasma field like moving into warm water.  In this session I felt a crescendo of pressure in the head and the injured neck aria.  I felt many old emotional issues being purged as they came up like weeds being plucked out of the garden of my mind. 

I fell into a deep meditative state and began feeling that I could send this plasma energy to friends and family.  I had no idea this was already being done by the Theraphi group until I told Eddy of my experience.  He verified my experience with a loving grin.   I now know that this gift can be sent to anyone in the world as one receives the Plasma field.  My intuition about this possibility goes even deeper than this but I will not speak of this publicly at this time.  

This evening's night of sleep was dreamless but I had such a charge of life flowing through the body that I couldn't fall asleep until about 1am. 

Day three 1-16-17 Session four, my final session ~

This morning the pain levels in my body were much better and I was still in a physical state of Joy.  Eddy met us and I promptly got on the table.  The Plasma flow had fully eliminated all the arias which were previously aching during the treatments.  The neck and head cleared fully during this session.  It was a flow from begging to end.

I felt one surprising charge of electric energy move up a channel in the left leg to the perineum.  It was not painful and felt like a clearing of a subtle channel.  This opened a flow of prana which flowed up the left side of the body and through the left arm.  Quite pleasant.

Overall I can say this experience far exceeded my expectations.  Eddy was a joy and such a healer.  He held the space with grace and care, tending to our every need, closely watching over us through every step of the process.  His flow and care was almost mystical.  

As the co founder of Radiant Family, LLC Natural Health Clinic here in Grants Pass, OR I give this process two thumbs up and will soon be referring many of our patients his way.  I thank you Dan on behalf of our clinic and family for your loving work in this world as well as this profound invention.  You and Eddy and a gift to us all.   I will keep you posted on the continued progress I make as this phenomenal experience unfolds.  

With the deepest gratitude and love,

Jason Kryzak
lmt, cst, Reiki Master Teacher 
lic #7564

Radiant Family, LLC
Natural Health Clinic
Grants Pass, OR 97526


William Mieger- from dedicated group in Oregon- . kind note- December 29, 2016-re Theraphi experience Northern California:

Dear Dan,
 Margarete and I just returned from spending three great days with Eddy Sharpless in Redway, CA. Eddy was a very gracious host and provided us with 7 Theraphi sessions in the short time we were there. We were also able to see the special space he is constructing to house the device along with his store, where he sells sacred statues, images, crystals, etc. – a very unusual store specializing in larger items (such as 50,000+ pound stumps of very beautiful petrified wood).
 Eddy provided us with the experience of the Theraphi field that we have needed and we are now very close to being able to submit an order (assuming, of course, that you are comfortable having us as owners of a Theraphi device). We are very grateful to Eddy for his sharing, his openness and his hospitality in making his time available to us and look forward to seeing him again soon in the new year.
 Eddy, by the way, is enjoying his device immensely. He was joking with us that after a few more sessions and the increased focus he experiences from them, he will have to change his name to Eddy Sharper, if not Eddy Razorsharp! I vote for the latter!
We have now only a few questions remaining, for which we would like to have some feedback:
1. As I understand it, our own awareness provides the low pressure point within the tornado or could I say a “probe beam” as in phase conjugate mirrors? This steers the tornado as you say. But is it at all possible that the Theraphi field could impose, let’s say, a “will of its own,” or an intention that is not coming from the person in the field? If the therapist is near the field, I am assuming that he or she would be participating in the intentionality and most likely and hopefully with an intention of supporting a healing. But what if a person is alone in the room. Can another presence move in, say a disembodied soul? Are there precautions that need to be observed in this regard? Or – to dig deeper – is there an intentionality inherent to the Theraphi field itself.
A: There are many reports of plasma fields- behaving in a 'self aware' way- even responding intelligently to telepathy :  ball lightning is just one example - also probably the various names for monoatomic hydrogen- browns gas, joe cell, magnagas- these plasmas based on conjugate materials also tend to self organize - like phase conjugate dielectrics 'alice in barium titanate land'.  Essentially all conjugate materials- the more broad spectral (embedded) they become- the more they mutually support the (longitudinal EMF generated) radio which connects them all. This points to a very 'Lord of the Ring' kind of physics. (the ring toroid in DNA being the ultimate longitudinal producing conjugator ).  Point being that human provided intentional direction would generally more context rich- therefore best able to set the direction of the (plasma) tornado. We know why and how human intent provides the (tornado steering) implosive space of lowest pressure  ( ). We also have reports how helpful Theraphi has been for plasma projecting discarnate spirits (reports in France).

2. I understand that the alignment of the two devices does not require a high amount of precision, but can anything be said about the shape and intensity of the resulting implosion field once the two Theraphi devices are pointing at each other and activated? Is there, for example, a difference in intensity between points close to the devices and the halfway point between them? Is the field working equally on all parts of the body or how is the resulting charge distributed within the body?

A: Theraphi is broad spectral. The high frequency (sub-mhz range/ and optical)- frequency components will be more directional (conjugating optical lasers requires angstrom precision)- the lo freqeuncy pump waves -much bigger envelope- conjugate more easily. In general we do recommend aligning as accurately as possible by sight- and note that pointing at critical areas being treated for localized issues is appropriate. Once the patient relaxes (becomes conductive/ dielectric high.. and 'feels the tingle' spread)- then the zone of affect propagates globally. Even the tubes brightness often tell you when the patient has 'matched impedance'.  Many meanings of the term 'reducing resistance' apply here..

3. Does someone who has had a session “leave his stuff” on the table? In other words, is there an imprint in the field that remains and needs to be dealt with in some way? The field itself seems to create a lasting presence that does not just disappear when the power is turned off.

A: There is definitely a residual field- called ' conditioning the space (implosively)'. In the same way the Theraphist should wash,  hydrate and ground- between session - some attention to space clearing / astral hygiene would apply. Rather like- after you put the (conjugate) crown on the king- if there are unshareable thoughts/waves (anger)- they will destabilize - even more quickly. Conjugate/ implosive /fractal space is like preparing for death (still point)- just the way a Kogi would before entering the (Korotkov measured) fractal air where ancestor phone calls are possible.

4. How long lasting have the effects of the field proven to be? Can one generalize about this or it this something that is very specific to each person?

A: Theraphi sites- become like a church- if the field is propagating through conjugate materials- it stays longer.. You hear that Theraphi characteristic 'ring in your ears' (ventrical-power spectra -is in the book, sangraal-song in the blood- )-after any sacred/ bliss experience. How long it lasts depends of course on all the hygiene aspects of 'grace' (charge acquisition).

5. Have there been any negative reactions to the Theraphi field in the world experience and, if so, is it known to what these effects can be attributed, i.e., how they can be avoided?

A: There definitely can be issues from too much- primary among them issues related to dehydration (for example lymph won't flow). Anything like Theraphi which releases toxins- needs time for detox - hydration / grounding/ rest - even nutrition. Many agree that often the detox period - after Theraphi comes before they then feel stronger than ever. Too much charge often triggers angst/ impatience (need to process). To make this gentle - is why we recommend only 1 or maybe 2  sessions of roughy 5 min  or so- per day. Psychologically also- if your thoughts speed up- this necessitates being able to locate the centripetal still point -
before you add even more spin.  Near death visions are electrically contagious for similar reasons.

6. Can the Theraphi field amplify negative thoughts or emotions or ego characteristics?

A: The idea in general is that un-shareable thoughts/ waves- will create their own destruction.
(The urge to gamble is shown to be an unconscious urge to thanatos/death- when you don't believe
inside that you serve.. the urge to death WILL get you..)  Adding spin  or conjugation - would
likely speed up this process which will not always be comfortable. Your DNA actually wants to store in the conjugate
field of the collective conscious- only those waves symmetries- visions - which permanently serve survival (pure principle).
Theraphi- like kundalini - charge implosion is best added in gentle doses..
Here is a brief account of our experience of the Theraphi field (session length varied from 3 to 9 minutes).
William: The first effect I noticed was the feeling of being energized. I had come following 4 weeks of intense computer work and in a state where I was ready for bed at 8 pm already. This state disappeared immediately and I found that I had ample energy available to work into the night, but at the same time it was of such a nature that I could decide at any time to go to sleep and this was not hindered in any way. The energy was, thus, not a nervous energy or something like a coffee hype. The hip pains and various joint pains that had also been bothering me disappeared after the second sessions and have not yet returned. In this period of stress mentioned above I was also waking every two hours with the urge to urinate. This has been reduced to getting up once in the night and my sleep is more peaceful. Last night I dreamt in color, something I have not done in quite some time. After the first several sessions I noticed an increased and noticeable desire to be in nature. The place where Eddy currently has the Theraphi device is close to a bend in the Eel River where one can walk along the river in a fairly isolated and pristine location – this was a wonderful way to ground oneself after a session. Since returning home I have also noticed the opposite: a reluctance to enter places with an unhealthy field, such as a store with many fluorescent lights – I just couldn’t bring myself to enter. A: Me too.
 Margarete: I could feel the energy of the Theraphi field spinning around me, sometimes in one direction, sometimes in another and I could see in my mind’s eye a galaxy of stars. I could feel the small universe channels (from Chinese medicine) open up. In every session I had the feeling I was floating. After each session and then generally I noticed that my vision had improved. I could read small print easily and everything was clearer. It must be added that we were taking a dose of QuintEssential Bioterrain Restore (seawater supplement from France) before each session and drinking a lot of Theraphi charged water. This could also have helped the improvement in my vision. Already after the first session I felt more energized and more focused. This was not a state of overstimulation, however, and I slept easily and deeply. Normally I have headaches when I travel, but this time the absence of such headaches was noteworthy. I am aware that I have more willpower and have become more outspoken and self-assertive. Another interesting phenomenon is an increase of synchronicities: I think of something and shortly thereafter a related event occurs in my outer world.
 Dan, it would be nice if we could chat sometime about the above questions. William