Remote Healing with Theraphi and Conjugate Plasma:
Encouraging Reports- and Real Suggestions to Optimize the Physics

How Gravity Radio works.
Electric Engineers enter and propagate with interstellar Collective Consciousness-
'DIVINE (perfected branched/embedded/conjugated/fractal ) FIELD'

Nov 5, 2016 , from Dan Winter

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Our latest Radio Show with Mike Harris interviewing Dan Winter- in depth conversation 105 min.- MikeHarris2016-11-22dan_winter.mp3
Breakthrough understanding of Electrical Science of REJUVENATION - and - Sacred Space and the Collective Unconscious/ Ancestral Memory

New- Nov 19, 2016: Download 6p. THERAPHI Remote Plasma Energy / Healing - Preliminary PROTOCOL and INVITE- from Bengt- in Norway- PDF here: Protocol-TheraPhi-Remote-Sessions-Rosita.pdf
See also the Science of Phase Conjugate REMOTE HEALING with LONGITUDINAL WAVE MECHANICS- article immediately below here..

Bengt invites you to join them with their Theraphi healing center in Norway:
Also- they are working closely with the New SECOND Theraphi Center in Norway:

Also new: Update Nov 16: Theraphi World Reports- Excellent new video with Claire Janisch, S.Africa- Major review of Theraphi Session Results:
Theraphi Plasma Rejuvenation Project- detailed plasma session reports with Dan Winter and Claire Janisch from S.Africa
- film-35min- Claire describes in some detail:
-Theraphi plasma session results for pain - even long term chronic pain
-Theraphi plasma session results for -back pain, hip pain and arthritis
-Theraphi plasma session results - for infection / swelling
-Theraphi plasma sessions for children
-Theraphi plasma session results for anxiety and autism like symptoms
-Theraphi plasma sessions for sports- and strength and stamina
-Theraphi plasma sessions for ADDICTION
-Theraphi plasma for seed and plant growth acceleration ( pictures:
==Coming soon: film with Christine- CLAIRVOYANCE and MEDICAL INTUITIVE PROCESS with Theraphi

Here is the new extended THERAPHI PRESENTATION SLIDESHOW- viewer: TheraPhislideshow

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Visualizing the Conjugate/ Longitudinal - Wave Science for Ritual / Magic / Bliss - "Making the EL"-phase shift -
"Penetrating the Veil" into the Collective Unconscious/ Ancestral Memory / Communion of Saints- "Doorway into the Lucid Dream"- Passage through Death.

with Dan Winter

The central 'only path out of chaos' negentropic wave science we have discovered shows that
a Phase Conjugate or Fractal field- generates opposing wave fronts like 'pine cones kissing noses' - which implode at the planck sphere-
generating gravity, color, life, consciousness, bliss
( science summary / update:

The mechanism is that the transverse (up and down) - EMF wave 'translates its vorticity' as it travels down the (phase conjugating) golden spiral on the pine cone- then emerging without inertia loss- as a LONGITUDINAL EMF wave (compressional /back and forth) wave thru the planck sphere out the tip of the pine cone.

We discuss this with wave animations at

This longitudinal wave component- measureably goes faster than light ( by golden ratio multiples x C)- and can pass thru about anything. This very usefully introduces the wave physics of 'miracles' and the 'divine sciences' - and the "spiritual" 'spooky action at a distance' Einstein talked about.

Longitudinal electromagnetics- are sometimes called 'scalar' or 'torsional'-we consider these terms less rigorous- since among other issues- a scalar vector has other meanings in physics.

It is well documented ( Bearden et al.) that it is the longitudinal wave component which is most responsible for bioactive / healing / rejuvenation fields - hence plasma rejuvenation- we optimize at

It is also a breakthrough to understand how conjugate longitudinal interferometry creates the 'action at a distance' / 'flame in the mind' / and remote plasma containment


which is the holy grail of fusion research- the TRUE wave mechanics of alchemy- plasma implosion:

In this course we particularly discuss how to practically apply these insights psychologically. Suppose you are studying how to lucid dream. You realize that moving your head on your pillow when you wake up from your dream- weakens your ability to remember- and hold together the wave shape of your dream memory. CASTING YOUR "DREAM SPELL": You begin to think that the dream memory is an actual electric field you do not want to disturb. You recall that dream coherence is an indicator of how much memory you will take with you when you die. Then you concieve that if you can track WITH YOUR ATTENTION- the wave fronts normally transverse- bobbing up and down - AS THEY GO DOWN THE SPIRAL PINECONE (over Dorothy's 'rainbow')- THAT THERE IS A WAY (making the 'EL' phase shift) TO NOW TRACK THE MUCH MORE RAPIDLY PROPAGATING WAVE FRONT NODES- AS THEY SPREAD OUT IN PERFECTED WAVE DISTRIBUTION- INTO THE CONJUGATE/ FRACTAL/ LONGITUDINAL FIELD.

We see that there is a particular (fractal) field geometry which ALLOWS these wave fronts to propagate forever/ infinitely - IF they can enter this rose shaped FRACTAL FIELD ( see here - Star Mother Kit- infinite dodeca nest fractal stellation - ). The Gurdjieff's Sufi saint is the one who CAN make an echo sustain...
Then you begin to realize why the Hopi got so upset when the government decided to put steel water pipes- into their ancestral burial ground. Ancestral memory - which is THE determiner of survival (ask any Aboriginal) - depends on the capacitance designed into the death place and the burial ground. You now know WHY - as Ray Moody's medical teams have proven- the patients death visions are ELECTRICALLY CONTAGIOUS - just like a black hole! (and you intuit that real conjugate electrical engineers can DESIGN the architecture for successful death and birth!)- See also the known conjugate geometry of the documented implosive- sequence of visions archetypal at death!-

NOW - we apply this to how to accurately implement the 'hypercube' dodec symmetry of sacred alphabets (ophanim/ superset- Hebrew)- whose 'symbol as wave guide in the optical cortex' make the spiral path down into the implosion 'spell' - whose air pressure change .. blows the doors of the church.. The true sage does not get dizzy when the magnetism in the room- starts a wind that blows some away- as happened in the Turin Ophanim working lead by Alan and Teresa...


We are receiving multiple and in fact frequent reports that Theraphi rejuvenation plasma - can be effective with pain relief and rejuvenation REMOTELY / at a distance.

We exerpt some of those reports here (just below).

Originally we had significant numbers of Theraphi users who consistently reported being able to feel when Theraphi were switched on - even when they were at great distance. Our good friend Mike Harris ( from his radio series)- is one of those who after telling us that multiple friends told him he looked younger after his Theraphi series- also told me emphatically he could feel when Theraphi systems were switched on remotely.
This effect did seem to be amplified if people were watching the Theraphi session virtually with sight and sound. The Skype global Theraphi meditations- we experimented with were so effective- and felt so potent that we decided to wait until we were better organized and better understood the physics before proceeding. We also gently wait for the right leadership teams. We are clear- making the tornado (Theraphi) is powerful- but STEERING the tornado (your intention- focused and centripetal) - is ESSENTIAL.

Meantime we have reports like these- about true Theraphi conjugate plasma healing done at a distance:

(much acknowledgement to Bengt and many others who have been so dedicated- including to Mike and Joyce for their openness to share)

Preliminary remote session report , from Bengt, Theraphi center Norway:

[11/2/16, 12:03:05 PM] Bengt Svensson: We did a "Blind Session" on TheraPhi - Remote - to Hong Kong while the people we created the Plasma Field contact with were sleeping/ about to wake up (Around 23:30 our local Norway time that is 06:30 in HK) and contacted them on Skype now and asked them about their whereabouts, feelings and experiences this early morning their time (not telling them anything about our blind session .... and what they told us was so astonishing and wonderful that it really positively shocked us here at Rosita ...
Mike (that you via email told to connect with us some week or more ago) and his wife just out from hospital after brain surgery (taken out a huge cancer tumor) ... told us the most un-believeable story about their experiences and also about directly feeling the "electric charge" of the TheraPhi ... This actually scared his wife ... because she felt the electricity and woke up by it tingeling in her whole body ... and Mike himself felt like being "shut off " in his head ... and felt like being fixated to the bed ... and they shared so much more about this ... before we told them about this blind session ...
[11/2/16, 12:05:00 PM] Bengt Svensson: After they told us about their experiences with the blind session we did a live TheraPhi session just some half an hour ago ... that also became pretty much "far out" ...
[11/2/16, 12:05:31 PM] daniel WINTER: very much appreciate updates for sure - the longitudinal generated component definitely predicts electrically capability for remote plasma containment - actually if both the device and the receiver are closer to magnetic line nodes ( aka how kozyrev mirrors were placed for military grade telepathy) - then the effect should increase
[11/2/16, 12:05:40 PM] Bengt Svensson: This is so exciting dearest Dan ... so very very exciting ... and so fantastic ... Hong Kong is on the other side of this planet ...
[11/2/16, 12:05:55 PM] daniel WINTER: distance is less issue than alignment.

--Today - Mike Liang there who was on the receiving end- kindly wrote:
Hi Bengt, Thanks for all the love and compassion and work on Joyce. Another day filled with bliss, love and laughter. This morning around 6 am HK time, when you turned the device on, she felt the tummy pain and some pain in the surgical area of her brain, and she woke up to use the bathroom and I was also awaken. As usual (during the blind sessions), I wasn't able to feel or think anything while asleep (contrary to my original sleeping patterns, usually around 6am I'd have some vivid thoughts/dreams). The pain over my body was completely gone, though in the last couple days I'd had slight headache in some spots in my brain that lasted for about 20 minutes, couple times a day. 

When you were performing a live TheraPhi session online this morning, Joyce felt the energy above her head and she described to me that she saw the images of the lights being turned ON one by one inside her body, a very new and strange experience in her own words that has never happened to her before. She even used the term "photons". 

Later this morning she went into another breathing practice and described that this time she saw a strong bright glowing light inside her body and KNEW that all the lights are turned on AT THE SAME TIME... I think she's very sensitive and gifted in a way that whenever she feels something different in her body she'd automatically think about the energy that is at work and ask me if Bengt has done something... and it usually was the case!

What I'd also like to mention is the plasma field is very strong and everyone inside this house has felt it, even the one who didn't believe in this (Joyce's brother who went back to Seoul yesterday); my daughter has been a bit cranky and sleepy and complained about tummy pain occasionally (I'm thinking detox reaction as she has had high level of heavy metal compounds; examined when she was 2.5 years old), my helper felt some pain in some parts of her body, and Joyce's brother has had very bad soreness all over his body and he told Joyce yesterday he did felt some energy that is strong and made him unable to get out of bed... I will follow up with him and also report what he feels now in Korea...

That's it for today and I will send Dan a separate note on the rest of our amazing experience so far, trying my best to recollect...

Have a good day gentlemen, sending lots of love...
Joyce & Mike 

then Mike's follow up note to me: "

Hi Dan, Bengt told me to share my experience so far with you personally so I'm sending this email and will do my best to be concise yet accurate about what has happened so far. 

The journey started on 29 Sep, when I somehow was instructed by the field to call an ambulance to take Joyce into a hospital and they performed an urgent and major brain surgery that night to keep her alive (11.5 hours surgery). The family and friends flew in as the neurosurgeon was very pessimistic about her chances. We started praying really hard, day and night, and I got a very strong message that I, among all people, need to change immediately and this was the last warning. I need to be a truly happy person first otherwise Joyce will never be happy, and we can only give her pure and unconditional love, that is her only chance of survival. 

So I spread the message among family members and her closest friends. We started praying and literally sending her love day and night. 36 hours later she woke up, and asked the nurse to call me, I was holding my tears back upon hearing her voice over the phone, yelling in anger "Why did they do this to me? Did you agree to this? (meaning surgery)" I said "yes, it had to be done, coz you lost consciousness". At that exact moment I knew in own experience that love is amazing, it is gravity, and it sends over photons!! (please correct me if i'm wrong) In the following days we kept sending her love whenever we could, I personally spoke to her telepathically about everything that was going on in our family, and she continued to improve very quickly to the surprise of the doctors and nurses. The swelling on her head went away within 48 hours, and the stitches were perfectly sealed after a week. She was transferred to general ward within a week and discharged within 2 weeks. Talk about the power of LOVE!

I reached out to you on 17 Oct, the day after she came home, about Theraphi as I was told about this by a very close friend of mine who went to the seminar in Prague earlier this year, and received a reply from you right away. Then as you suggested I reached out to Bengt right away and heard from him 3 days later, then I ordered the first bottle of ratfish oil (amazingly the very last bottle of Theraphi-charged oil before the replacement parts arrived) and he shipped it out straight away. 

We had a skype meeting soon afterwards and Kari performed some sort of energy healing the first time we spoke and Joyce could immediately felt the energy and the heat inside her body, while I also felt some heat rush through my body at the same time. Joyce started showing signs of detox and rapid tissue regeneration (or rejuvenation?) and whenever she's in a live Theraphi session she's in a very blissful state and now she describes she generally only has one thought throughout the day: complete healing and happy life. I was able to feel the energy but not as strongly as Joyce did; the whole thing just seems so amazing and unbelievable that after all these years, having gone from conventional treatment to alternative treatment (gene/immune/ozone therapy, you name it) to the Rife machine and finally here we are... 

I actually don't really know how to put into all my thoughts in words but I guess you and Bengt know how this feels as you guys have been working on helping people for so many years and have seen a lot... In brief, our utmost gratitude to you and your phenomenal work in these fields, and we will continue to work hard with Bengt and contribute in this for the love of life.

Have a nice weekend, 


One important purpose of this article is to propose and outline the physics mechanism - for remote healing.
There are many reasons that Living Plasma / Charge hygiene practice need to be based on self - empowering understanding of the physics.

For one thing- only if we understand the physics- can we use the tech in an empowered and optimized way.

Priore's plasma healing - the antecendant to Theraphi (and Rife and...) fell apart specifically because these practices were not underscored and supported by clear science principles. Priore for example - since he apparently did not even know what phase conjugation was- could not implement the clearly essential setting up of OPPOSING PAIRS of conjugating wavefronts.

It is surely not our wish to offer a healing mechanism which is based in miracle (or personality) worship. That kind of self-destructive childishness today has Christians and Muslims and Jews murdering each other by the millions.
Some of our work on Science and Spirituality- the way to end religion wars:

We understood that phase conjugate (pine cone shaped) wave EMF production of longitudinal (scalar/compressional) waves- being faster than light (by Golden Ratio multiples)- was perfectly capable of producing action at a distance. Actually the physics is also much discussed by our early mentor Tom Bearden - scalar electromagnetics- reprints - - at the bottom.

Bearden's famous ("Excaibur Briefing")- story of the "Russian Woodpecker" - describes the Russians' (who learned a LOT more about phase conjugate microwave from the Germans- than did the west)- using conjugate microwave interferometry - to control cloud formations (and more) at a distance. REMOTE PLASMA CONTAINMENT: Our australian group ( ) showed that microwave conjugate interferometry does work ( ). You can set up longitudinal EMF generating conjugating microwave nodes- to then cross at conjugate angles AT A DISTANCE- where they will again 'climb up the pine cone' - to convert the NON-heat transmitting (and faster than light / compressional) LONGITUDINAL EMF- back to the HEAT CONTAINING TRANSVERSE EMF. As we discuss at that link- this remote heat containment capability is the 'holy grail' of (cold) plasma fusion energy research in general.

animation below of the difference between longitudinal and transverse:

Now we are fully aware that it is threat to the national security of most every military to even have this conversation. And we honor that- EXCEPT- that this is also how mind and healing work.

Now everyone knows - that the thickness of the paint coating which absorbs microwave radar- has to be a key multiple of the wavelength. It is the same as the physics of brain wave spacing (and phase conjugate mirrors).
Phase conjugate electromagnetics sets up the conditions for natures ultimate communication /charge distribution efficiency - by 'fractal embedding'.
(Dee's Shewstone, Nostredamus scrying cup coating...)

That kind of perfect communicating requires perfect phase discipline - which is inherently the discipline of perfect transparency- the democratic end of secrets!

What happens if all governments can't have secrets anymore?

This is the result of education which becomes a collective conscious. The nature of conjugate interferometry IS the collective conscious / communion of saints. SO- for example- if you want to use physics to enter ancestral memory- at death skillfully- probably you are not going to want to wait for permission from your military - to learn the (longitudinal) science.

Every indigenous tribe on the planet- was clear- access to ancestral memory is the MOST important skill you could ever learn. So I am guessing we need to inform your high school physics teacher- without waiting for military clearance.

SO- it appears that unless we discuss conjugate interferometry- (and threaten so many military narrow minds- on the planet in the process)
- you cannot understand how your mind and your healing work and your collective unconscious ('DNA radio') work ??

So - what do we do? I suggest- we choose the education mission - over the fear epidemic.

Hence this article:

EVERYONE (like Bearden and many followers) agrees- the key to accessing biologic healing - even at atomic levels- is to understand longitudinal electronmagnetics. Bearden and others have called them scalar or torsional waves- but this terminology can be ambiguous (a scalar vector in physics - has a very different simple meaning).

The reason that longitudinal electromagnetic waves are so good at reaching in to biology at the cellular and even atomic levels- IS that they are 'compressional' waves. We need an animation here to visualize what that means.

The important animation LONGITUDINAL vs TRANSERSE waves- is at the bottom of this insert exerpt from my article

The CONJUGATE MIND: Longitudinal Wave Solution to Consciousness, Compression, and the PERFECT FLAME
from Dan Winter - This article was continued- July 27, 2015 at: Phase Conjugate Wave Mechanics as THE CAUSE of Perception:
"Flame in the Mind"- Whether Bon Po- or Cherokee- your initiation moment is when you can make flame with your mind- rather like Luke Skywalker learning to move 'the force'! The kind of wave - longitudinal (more accurate term than 'scalar' or 'torsional') which measureably allows mind to make flame at a distance- contains deep lessons-not only in how to focus your mind- (phase conjugation produces the right compressional wave)- but ALSO has the real holy grail key to plasma fusion- and alchemy. On day one- we do the psychology- using biofeedback tools - and the BlissTuner. On day two- we look at the physics- how zero point and cohere the vacuum energies- ALL rely specifically on the implosive compression which only this 'long wave' produces. When we can 'restore centripetal forces'- self organization in wave understanding holds keys to energy physics, alchemy, the psychology of psychokinesis - and so much more. Intro animations to the new wave mechanics:

Finally - the REAL science to properly respond to your lover when (he/she) demands: "Come on Baby: Light My Fire!"


Video Series Flame in the Mind- from Barcelona Cognos Conference- with Dan Winter-GO TO:

This article is a sequal to the original PERFECT FLAME - lecture from Dan Winter: -my original article

2016: This is all being implemented beautifully in our new IOS Empowering Biofeedback suite:
-well under development - for Brainwaves-
Now for HRV, Coherence and Stress Management: , ,

I showed that (inspired by Dr K.Korotkov) I can measure golden ratio in EEG harmonics


to teach and correlate to peak perception / bliss / ecstasy.

I used that as new evidence for my hypothesis that PERCEPTION is caused by phase conjugation optimized by Golden Ratio.

We noted there a separate developed hypothesis that PHASE CONJUGATION is the mechanism of perception- from Steve Lehar:



=== SO We needed to account for the data- that focused consciousness causes electric fields to COMPRESS:

Perfected phase conjugate charge collapse/implosion- example:

Systematic Wave Equations- Golden Ratio / Phase Conjugation - SOLVES PURE CONSTRUCTIVE COMPRESSION / FUSION (and therefore the nature of self-organization in consciousness):


Who has provided a meaningful description of the nature of consciousness? - Here is the raw data that needs to be accounted for: 1. Focused attention causes electric fields to compress (Bill Tiller's extensive measures "Conscious Acts of Creation"), 2. Focused attention reduces radioactivity measureably (Geller measured). - If you look at ISSEM or What the Bleep- or Gary Schwartz and Stuart Hameroff- gathering of hundreds of scientists on consciousness - do they have an answer as to the electric nature of consciousness to explain the measurements? No - nothing close. - Dan Winter has proposed a simple and compelling and MEASUREABLE explanation: Focused attention is a centripetal and golden ratio / 'implosive' - phase conjugate (donut shaped) plasma or charge field - (Golden Ratio in EEG as he has pioneered). COULD ANYTHING BE MORE SIMPLE- LIFE HAPPENS WHEN YOU GET CENTRIPETAL ELECTRICALLY. Death happens when you don't! This is more than a real electrical engineers phase conjugate phenomenology of perception- it is a recipe for how to create life.

New Film Series: Restoring Centripetal Forces- to Restore LIFE FORCE:

===The wave mechanics of perception / consiousness:

It is standard initiation testing for both the CHEROKEE and the BON PO Tibetans-

that before they are recognized initiates- they must be able to START A FLAME WITH THEIR MIND. (the so called 'BON' FIRE)

When the well documented Ingo Swann heated a thermistor at a distance..


it is clearly reported there was a shield and a ground placed between his brain and the heated thermistor ('flame' he made with his mind).

The ONLY kind of electromagnetic wave which could penetrate from his mind to the heat he created at a distance- is a LONGITUDINAL WAVE.

-So this gives us an opportunity to understand controlled plasma heating at a distance. (Listen up you governments who wasted enough money to feed Africa for decades on TOKAMAK)..

When psychotronic / alternative energy people refer to SCALAR waves- they generally mean LONGITUDINAL waves. (The use of the term scalar in physics is altogether different).

It is critical we understand how longitudinal waves are created in the brain (the so called PERFECT FLAME- or FLAME THAT DOES NOT CONSUME!)

--First we know that the 2 brain hemispheres by making golden ratio in EEG are setting up the

"2 pine cones kissing noses' of PHASE CONJUGATION (next animation down).

NOW we know- that in order for the phase conjugation to complete the production of LONGITUDINAL WAVES-

in the brain - it is simple:

during peak perception / bliss / psychokinesis (ala Ingo Swann)-

the 2 brain hemispheres altho clearly phase locked- MUST BE PHASE LOCKED 180 DEGREES OUT OF PHASE!

- This means it is simple- if neuroscientists measure the 2 opposing hemispheres of the brain at 180 degrees out of phase-

during peak brain power- then our LONGITUDINAL WAVE THEORY OF CONSCIOUSNESS- is proven!


master principle

Golden Ratio optimized conjugation of phases (wave fronts and wave phase velocities add and multiply or heterodyne- recursively and constructively)...
simply is the best wave geometry for opposing vortex pairs to converge constructively...
as we say - it is "the only way for pine cones to kiss noses".
It is our strong hypothesis that this equation for golden ratio generated implosive / centripetal force-
is the geometric wave mechanic of
- phase conjugate optics, dielectrics AND (now we see examples of) magnetics!

This is the precise animation of Dan Winter's new equation for the radii of hydrogen- in relation to Planck- (length AND time):ref
It is also the proven precise geometry of photons angles for the primary colors- which is the reason color AND photosynthesis exist (phase conjugation):
This also precisely the geometry of the relationship of the proton, to planck, to black holes (ref:Nassim) see
It is also the proven geometry of the DNA, Earth's magnetic lines, and arrangment of masses in the UNIVERSE!
It is also the basic geometry of (golden ratio based) E8- Unified Field by Lisi
It is also the precise geometric relationship of brainwaves during PEAK PERCEPTION/ BLISS - (the reason attention is electricall CENTRIPETAL)
- my BLISS TUNER invention (at link) makes this teachable -

In summary- this PHASE CONJUGATION optimized by golden ratio is the CAUSE and MECHANISM of:

- HYDROGEN (+ all atoms have gravity/'implosive collapse' only because their nuclear geometry is golden ratio fractal to their electrons)


- all FUSION / black holes / all centripetal forces / all self organization

- all LIFE / PERCEPTION / BLISS / - and the CAUSE of color / and photosynthesis (

==Just added this below -to our animation of the physics of the PHASE CONJUGATE SPIRAL- ORIGINS OF ALPHABET DISCUSSION:

Note also - in line with how Bill Tiller- measured consciousness essentially as how much your focused attention CAUSES electric fields to compress-

how John McGovern- discovered how the origin of all SHAMAN ALPHABETS- petro-glyphs are generally PLASMA RESIDUE- with a universal translation. He started after finding Hebrew on Australian Aboriginal cave petroglyphs - finding that he could essentially read any rock petroglyph carved by a shaman anywhere in the world - based only on PLASMA RESIDUE symmetry. Note how - now this has been embraced by TONY PERATT- Los Alamos PLASMA PHYSICS- who now publish this work.

Discussion - literature examples- pictures - (lower part of):

A shadow of a plasma residue / phosphene flare / or spiral on the donut IS alphabet - because putting these in symmetry (sequence) called ALPHABET- is how you MAKE the plasma of your mind implosive and charge compressing (golem making) - which IS (the only definition of ) consciousness!

Phase Conjugation- How Double Cones (Pine Cones Kissing Noses)-

Fractal/Golden Ratio Origin of Alphabets.. (continued here - with exerpt from ORIGIN OF SLAVIC / CYRILLIC / RUSSIAN

Because the centripetal plasma force this creates in your aura- is the cause and mechanism of consciousness.

This animation is an exerpt of


Here we see that the two spiral cone pairs (PHASE CONJUGATION)

is also the origin also of Slavic / Cyrillic / Russian (we show elsewhere the same vortex pair origin - HEBREW / SANSKRIT / OPHANIM

Note the REASON opposing vortex as PLASMA RESIDUE / PHOSPHENE FLARE geometry- are alphabet - because only assembling the elements of

that symmetry- initiates the cone implosion compression (of charge) which is the cause and definition of how consciousness is created by the plasma bending hemispheres of the brain!


===So...Solution to Implosive / Non-destruct / Naturally CENTRIPETAL COMPRESSION-
IS the Solution to Gravity, Mind , Life-Force , Color.

NOW to clearly visualize HOW the transverse wave CANNOT make compression / implosion / mind / life force / gravity work

Note the next animations of the difference between TRANSVERSE vs LONGITUDINAL waves- is adapted from - and credited for the animation to:

Transverse waves (most electromagnetic communication, in Earthquakes called S waves):


cannot implosively compress.

Whereas below - LONGITUDINAL WAVES ( sound waves, conjugate heating at a distance, mind waves, naturally superluminal and penetrating most barriers transparently, Earthquake P waves):

These waves can implode - and acheive remote plasma containment ( the nature of MIND , and the holy grail of all plasma physics).


How longitudinal waves work-

the nature of MIND as a plasma compressor -

the true wave mechanics of consciousness -

how 4 wave mixing in phase conjugate optics creates:

time reversal

self organization, etc.

And -

the solution to plasma compression control at a distance-

how physics (clueless as to why objects fall to the ground, and clueless to why life and mind exist)

wasted your money - by not understanding the very phase conjugate / longitudinal component of FUSION (all centripetal forces- based on implosive compression).

-Mathematics - and film from Tom Bearden:


How you convert between LONGITUDINAL WAVES (shown here) vs TRANSVERSE WAVES (shown above)..

see PINE CONES KISS NOSES (phase conjugation animation top).


Visualize the 2 hemispheres of the brain differentially focusing 2 LONGITUDINAL WAVES (here right vs left)-

which when they cross at a distance- re emerge as TRANSVERSE and MAKE HEAT. - This is the way mind exists - and is the solution to plasma containment - which all governments desperately need.


end exerpt (full article:

SO- how does this animation about how longitudinal compression waves meet- tell us about DNA radio, mitogenic radiation- and the collective unconscious?

First it is helpful to know that while most electromagnetic waves we use for communication are TRANSVERSE only - while sound waves- generally are longitudinal.

If we can visualize actively WHY longitudinal compressional waves are so effective in reaching into biological molecules- in the process- we will gain clues- why they are the best communication system in the universe as well.

Bearden and others explain that it is the compressional potential of longitudinal electromagnetics that make them so good at sharing inertia / charge - right down to the molecular and even atomic level. What does this mean?

We have explained and animated elsewhere- particularly that the phase conjugate golden ratio mechanism of achieving centripetal negentropy is THE mechanism of gravity, and perception, and photosynthesis- and all negentropic and self-organizing , self-aware fields.

Particularly in our recent article PROOF OF NEGENTROPY:

Here is the key graph:

Point being that there is a specific way in which the mystery is solved- of why EVERY wave physics has ever measured in length or time or energy- is a simple multiple of PLANCK.

Planck (length/ time / energy) - is obviously of the unviersal key signature of every wave in every piece of mass in the universe. HOW was that radio set up?

I have proven by my new equations - that a particular phase conjugate golden ratio multiple / stellation of planck IS the structure of hydrogen
( and DNA- and Earth Grid, and Universe Masses-everything negentropic):

animations of that structure (my original creations as well) here

1. star mother -


2. holy grail - (animation all equation based- 10 perfect 3D golden spirals- on 60 degree infinite dodeca stellation cones )


In this geometry called PHASE CONJUGATE IMPLOSIVE NEGENTROPIC NON-DESTRUCTIVE CHARGE COLLAPSE- you have the unique and singular property of allowing golden ratio recursive wave addition (multiplication) - to be always constructive ( our new equation proving this: ) This means this geometry solves the problem of constructive wave interference, and therefore of 'infinite' (limited by planck) constructive COMPRESSION - and phase conjugation. This specifically solves the problem of almost inifinite constructive compression Einstein formulated to solve his unified field with gravity. So he died without discovering what we teach here- unsuccessfuly trying to learn why objects fall to the ground. ( Clearly Stephen Hawking and NASA haven't gotten much further).

However the REASON this form of compression causes gravity- by producing longitudinal waves- is that at the PLANCK DIAMETER - center point (where 'the pine cones kiss noses')- the charge inertia is converted from transverse EMF to longitudinal. This gives the charge a (perfect distribution) WAY OUT- once the compression reaches planck length. SO - the presence of gravity in a charge field imploding by golden ratio phase conjugation - is due to 2 factors:

ref ( See role of 7 spin / 5 spin symmetry in origin propulsion - see below- perfectly EMBEDDED from 7 spin/cubic space- to 5 spin space - ANU/Ophanic Sigil)

1. The golden ratio charge convergence paths ( see 10 spirals illustrations here)- means that at each wave crossing node- the charge wave can add and multiply constructivy BOTH the wave length and the wave PHASE VELOCITIY. In this way a portion of the inertia of compression of charge toward center is CONVERTED in to ACCELERATION OF CHARGE toward center (which is named THE GRAVITY).

But you could legitimately ask- if this is so- and the charge path toward center is to remain centripetal (this is the origin of all centripetal and implosive and negentropic forces)- then WHERE DOES THE CHARGE GO ONCE IT REACHES (what my new equation shows) THE PLANCK LENGTH?

This is the problem solved when the pine cone shape of phase conjugating waves convert their inertia from transverse to longitudinal.

Visualize your transverse- up and down electrical wave inertia suddenly being directed down the perfect vortex pine cone shape.

Transverse wave going intwave

lwaveinvertLongitudinal out

Compare this to my original design for implosion in a water- which I engineered (3d animated below here) in to our IMPLODER tech-


Think carefully about what is happening to the inertia in the wave that enters the TOP of the vortex moving up and down, (transverse),- versus when it leaves the vortex out the (PLANCK LENGTH) nozzle- it emerges as LONGITUDINAL / back and forth / compressional. This TRANSLATION OF VORTICITY is a specialty of golden ratio phase conjugation. It literally is making an L or phase shift- which requires great PHASE DISCIPLINE.

This means those who have inner coherence can move their electrical inertia (charge field/ ka / memories) THRU this L
( as in the REAL - EL-o-him) - precisely the wave mechanics to enter lucid dream / death navigation, and collective /ancestral memory (more on the esoterics below).

Once the electrical wave inertia is longitudinal or compressional - then the direction of compression can be focused first into the CUBE symmetry called 4 wave mixing - in phase conjugate optics.

Pairs of opposite COMPRESSIONAL or longitudinal waves must set up these conjugate conditions
- important to emphasize transverse waves cannot set up the critical impedance matching to 'universal planck radio' at the quantum planck level!



===Here is where the 'phase conjugate' magic happens - at the planck sphere at the neck of the vortex. Exactly like in 4 wave mixing (above) in phase conjugate optics- just like the lasers must be PRECISELY aligned cubically before they conjugate- so 2 the opposing conjugate longitudinals must be precisely aligned from opposing directions (as is the THERAPHI tube pairs design).

The phase conjugate mirror material (barium strontium titanate for example) super dielectric serves the molecular symmetry function to rotate the incoming CUBIC (4 wave mixing) lasers into the DODEC (cube embedded / by golden ratio)_ which then CONJUGATES:

(above link: - role of 7 spin / 5 spin symmetry in origin propulsion - perfectly EMBEDDED from 7 spin/ tetra- cubic space- to 5 spin pent space - ANU/Ophanic Sigil)

THEN - the compressional symmetry inside the planck dimension can then engage the universe radio mechanism

(see infinite dodeca stellation of golden ratio by planck STAR MOTHER and GRAIL animations above)


Longitudinal waves ARE proven faster than light- exactly like gravity waves because this is what gravity is made of.

Image and exerpt just below - here from - one of many proofs that gravity waves are charge waves faster than light

(the transducer to measure this here was a 25 cent capacitor- does better work than LIGO.)

Feb 16, 2016 Comment regarding recent confirmation of GRAVITY WAVES- from Dan Winter: " the key experiment was not done - placing the heavy mass (or black hole) centers- at golden ratio / dodeca array ( as is KNOWN for the geometry of the universe) - and that placement will INCREASE the gravity- - thus proving phase conjugation causes gravity - and eliminating the need for the spurious unproven idea about dark matter- in the known dodeca geometry mass arranged universe ( see image) - dark matter was only imagined to account for the extra gravity created by that dodeca mass symmetry - . Also - the fact that -hodowanec and ramsey - proved that gravity waves move faster than light- is also evidence that phase conjugation causes gravity - in that phase conjugation is the known mechanism to produce longitudinal EMF (which is known faster than light)

- then later when prof raymond chao measured the faster than light velocity see Raymond Chiao - wikipedia: "CHIAO - has become well known in the field of quantum optics due to several important experiments. Based on former experiments carried out by Günter Nimtz in 1992[1] he measured the quantum tunnelling time, which was found to be between 1.5 and 1.7 times the speed of light. " ( 1.618 is golden ratio )

Phase conjugate gravity prediction (Dan Winter) which says that faster than light velocities produced will propagate primarily at integer golden ratio multiples times the speed of light -

- hodowanec and ramsey replace weber's and LIGO multi billion dollar gravity sensor with a 25 cent capacitor (russtrak recorder). These conjugate longitudinals- are the mechanism of gravity and biologic radio.

The point is that just as we showed the universe is dodeca and fractal - like DNA and hydrogen- that the IMPEDANCE MATCHING to the galactic (mitogenic) conjugate (DNA) radio - requires exactly the frequency signature and scaling - shown in my new equation graphic above (planck length / time x exact integer exponents golden ratio phase conjugation).



(perfect charge distribution define mind and the collective negentropy presence). - Embed-ability / Fractality / Nesting Perfected - as the electrical mechanism of CHARGE DISTRIBUTION EFFICIENCY- and therefore NEGENTROPY- is breakthru core concept revolution for everything from particle physics, to HeartRateVariability to Architecture of Life Force... (compare to the meaning of ‘to conjure / conjugate’) - ''consciousness is present in the particle field to the extent it is electrically phase conjugate (embedded) -thus able to generate the mechanism of negentropy and biological communication - phase conjugate longitudinal emf ''.


This then introduces how to optimize the wave mechanics to acheive remote healing ( and ancestral memory communication etc).

We are going to use 4 examples to teach how phase conjugate longitudinals work for bioactive fields here

1. - Bill Tiller's book (pic above) "Conscious Act's of Creation" proves multiple lab measures show focused human attention causes electric fields to compress.
Our noble old friend Dr Tiller- was clear- he proved human attention causes compression- but had no notion of how or why. That is the answer we bring here now. The brain 2 hemispheres focus longitudinal compressional EMF from phase conjugating brain wave eeg from opposite hemispheres at- golden ratio (phase conjugate) between alpha and beta- AND BOTH HEMISPHERES MUST BE THE NECESSARY 180 degrees out of phase (exactly the power spectra used for THERAPHI- see charts above). This results is successful and conjugating COMPRESSION at center.


2. Then we consider the famous Ingo Swann- when they measured his ability to burn a theramistor (temp sensor) with his mind- thru a faraday cage (longitudinal EMF has no problem going thru most anything- exactly like 'the divine'). We now know how to train the future Ingo Swann psychokinesis- this is exactly what our new biofeedback will be.
We discuss the parallel between this and the Bon (fire)Po master and the Cherokee initiate being tested to see if they can light a flame with their mind - at (films).

See Ingo Swann-flame (thermistor) lit by mind- - - note that each optimizing condition here also would serve:

a) remote viewing

b) placement of successful birth and death and burial


3. AGNI HOTRA (exerpts here from Dan Winter book: ) :

See Phase Conjugate physics of AGNI HOTRA appendix below.


4. Kozyrev Mirror- documented miltary quality telepathy-
( google: kozyrev mirror telepathy ) vs how to site a labyrinth
Why - in both cases the prerequisite is to site the device precisely at a (conjugating) Earth magnetic line cross
(professionals measure this in nano-tesla before device placement- see ) -
This Earth magnetic line alignment- is definitely a criteria which would benefit THERAPHI placement - AND the placement of the receiver for remote healing.


Finally- we note related factors that can improve the PHASE CONJUGATE - phase lock between sender and receiver:

1. In the report above- the presence of healing oil (phase conjugate) charged by the Theraphi -at the remote site- can be immensely helpful (note the synergy of healing oils like HEMP or NORWAY RATFISH OIL- or even water- with Theraphi charging is VERY useful- they can hold the centripetal field)

2. Virtual media allowing participants to see and hear at the remote site (phase lock becomes broad spectral)

3. Synchronizing with sunrise / sunsite (like Agni Hotra)- also with solstice.




Supplement: Phase Conjugate Physics of Agni Hotra- Note - here letter from
Ulrich Berk (Homa Theraphie means AGNI HOTRA)

click link here for the PDF from Ulrich - ENERGY FIELD OF AGNI HOTRA RESEARCH: EnergyFieldAgnihotra.pdf

Hi Dan,

thanks a lot for your article also explaining how Agnihotra works in terms of phase conjugate negentropy.
I am adding a chapter of the standard reference book on Agnihotra and Homa Therapy: Vasant V. Paranjpe, Homa Therapy - Our Last Chance,
as there a standing wave inside the pyramid is mentioned which seems to be in accordance with your explanations.

In this chapter it is also mentioned that the energy field of Agnihotra goes beyond the electromagnetic field. We had done some experiments in India showing that water gets purified by just sitting next to Agnihotra even if the jars with water samples are kept in Faraday Cages. See attached article. 
How does your theory relate to those more subtle energies?
Also, it is said that at the time of sunrise a flood of „electricities and more subtle energies“ come from the sun, and that there is a music in that flood - the quintessential sound of that music being the mantras which we utter at that time. As far as I know nobody was able so far to measure this flood of subtle energies and the music of it.

A pity that I was not there in Bhrugu Aranya in Poland when you visited. I live there part of the year, but only heard you were coming when it was too late for me to go. Right now I am in Tapovan in India, the only place where there is a 24 hours Tryambakam fire (and of course Agnihotra at several  places here - Agnihotra is always the basis of any other healing Homa fires. 
Where are you based now? 
Someone told me that you live part of the year in France. 
If possible next year I would like to meet with you and discuss more about the physics of Agnihotra.

All the best,



Vasant V. Paranjpe, Homa Therapy - Our Last Chance

Chapter 12



It is RESONANCE which heals the plants, soil, water and air.

The specific pyramid of Agnihotra is made of copper or gold.

The specific frequencies of the different steps of the pyramid could be measured if a scientist wishes to put his mind into it. The most intensive sound waves have their origins at the four sides of the pyramid, forming a small angle. From inside the pyramid a standing wave of a certain frequency is sent out.

When these specific Mantras are uttered at the specific times given by the computer based on one specific definition of sunrise / sunset, RESONANCE takes place in the pyramid. The most powerful effect is with the word SWAHA. It is RESONANCE which heals. This is how plant plagues and epidemics go away.

Large areas could be treated for plant disease eradication from one central place which acts like a generator of healing energies. Some special techniques will be performed there based on pyramid fires tuned to full moon / new moon / fourth day after full moon / fourth day after new moon / fourteenth day after full moon etc.

Ancient science states that this resonance invigorates the cells of plants and helps the reproductive cycle. Resonance plays a vital role in nature. WE HAVE TO CONSIDER A HEALING MOLECULAR SPECTRUM FAR BEYOND THE INFRARED, INDEED BEYOND THE WHOLE ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUM.

Also some configuration of pyramids could be done at a few places surrounding the farm to spread the healing effects to wider areas. Materials used will be dried cow dung, clarified unsalted cow's butter, some medicinal herbs, firewood from some specific medicinal trees, etc., combined with specific Mantras.

The computer software for timings of these fires is made in Germany, based on one specific definition of sunrise/sunset given by ancient seers.


How does Homa Farming work?

When you perform Agnihotra and other Homas on a farm an atmosphere is created that is conducive to growing and therefore attracts the nutrients, insects, microorganisms and animals that would be happy and thrive in that environment. This, because nature is so wonderful, automatically benefits the soil and the plants thrive.

The same thing happens when you put Agnihotra ash around the plants or in the beds where plants grow. Water taken from a source where lots of Agnihotra ash is poured should be used to water the seedlings.

Nature must replace herself. We must first destroy some of the illnesses, her wounds caused by chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Nature must be healed first. Then she will give back large amounts of healthy produce and peace of mind.

This can be achieved by Homa Therapy. Homa Therapy rejuvenates the soil.


How does it help Ecology?

The soil, water, atmosphere and subsoil water are polluted by metallic, nonmetallic and gaseous toxicants of different types.

The soil in large areas of forest is nearly dead. First by methods of Homa Therapy the soil needs to be rejuvenated.

In the rejuvenated soil different types of microorganisms starting from the level of viruses, bacteria, fungi, algae thrive.

Thus healthy microflora and microfauna are created.

This gives rise to a micro-environment or micro system and the soil changes and becomes less toxic to growing plants.

The soil, which has now become a living soil because of the presence of microorganisms, has all the components useful for life in the form of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.

            According to modern theory these three together form life in the form of bacteria. We have e.g. nitrogen fixing bacteria, also bacteria working on phosphorus content of the soil.

After creation of such micro�environment, creatures like earthworms thrive. They eat the soil, digest it and again replenish the soil.

It has been found that when Agnihotra ash is added to the soil it increases the water soluble phosphate content of the soil and the  nutrients are absorbed readily by the root hair of the plant. Absorption of meganutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus and potash, because of small cells and active transport is helped by Homa atmosphere.