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Nov-16, 2016

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Theraphi systems are now in 12 countries- (links at -

Our first film is with Claire Janisch- reporting in detail - on extensive Theraphi treatment sessions in South Africa-

Theraphi South Africa web site- from Claire is

For more on Claire's extensive teaching background> google: Claire Janisch biomimicry

--Our first film- below Theraphi Plasma Rejuvenation Project- detailed plasma session reports
with Dan Winter and Claire Janisch from S.Africa - 35min-


Reminder- Theraphi plasma testing is still experimental - and cautions apply- (see legal / disclaimer on main page)

for example- hydration, detox and grounding are essential- since metabolic acceleration - should be done gently with caution.

Theraphi practitioners are particularly advised- to wash and ground and hydrate between sessions.


Claire describes in some detail:

-Theraphi plasma session results for pain - even long term chronic pain

-Theraphi plasma session results for -back pain, hip pain and arthritis

-Theraphi plasma session results - for infection / swelling

-Theraphi plasma sessions for children

-Theraphi plasma session results for anxiety and autism like symptoms

-Theraphi plasma sessions for sports- and strength and stamina

-Theraphi plasma sessions for ADDICTION


-Theraphi plasma for seed and plant growth acceleration ( pictures:


Coming soon: film with Christine- CLAIRVOYANCE and MEDICAL INTUITIVE PROCESS with Theraphi.

And - more profession edited versions (higher res) of the above film.


also see- Physics models -for Theraphi REMOTE Plasma Treatment:

Here is the new extended THERAPHI PRESENTATION SLIDESHOW- viewer: TheraPhislideshow